Stainless Steel Cord Grips: 116 Results

304 & 316 Stainless Steel Cord Grips & Cable Glands are In Stock and Ready for Your Demanding Application.

Industrial-Strength Stainless Steel Cord Grips, Cable Glands, and Cable Connectors

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Cord Connector, SS, 3/4
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Cord Connector, SS, 1/2
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Cord Connector, SS, 1/2
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Cord Connector, SS, 1/2
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Cord Connector, SS, 3/4
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Cord Connector, SS, 3/4
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Cord Connector, SS, 1/2
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Cord Connector, SS, 1/2
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Cord Connector, SS, 1/2
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Cord Connector, SS, 1/2
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Cord Connector, SS, 3/4
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Cord Connector, SS, 3/4
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Choose Remke stainless steel cord grips & cable glands for heavy-duty reliability in all types of harsh environments.

From high-humidity to high-powered washdowns, harsh chemicals to relentless salt water, Remke stainless steel cord grips create durable electrical connections in demanding applications.


With a vast number of options available for the configuration and materials for stainless steel electrical connections, get exactly what you need for any demanding environment with Remke!

Our IP and NEMA rated stainless steel cable connectors and cord grips are in-stock in more sizes and options.

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Cable Connectors Withstand The Elements 

Stainless steel resists corrosion in tough elements such as chemicals, liquids and abrasives to deliver secure electrical connections in the most demanding applications. 

Type 304 Stainless Steel Cord Grips & Cable Glands have excellent corrosion resistance as well as oxidation resistance. 

Type 316 Stainless Steel Cord Grips & Cable Glands are a heavy-duty grade ideal for severe environments that require the highest levels of corrosion resistance including being specified for use in marine applications as well as FDA-mandated washdowns in food processing.

Stainless Steel Connector Options from Remke

Stainless Steel connectors are in-stock for conduit sizes ¼” to 3” – the most sizes of any manufacturer! All connectors are UL Listed in 3/8” to 1-1/2” sizes.

  • Standard Stainless Steel Cord Grips NEMA 4, 4X & 12 with Type 304 standard, Type 316 available, 9 conduit sizes in-stock, 61 in-stock part numbers and 55 part numbers in-stock with wire mesh.
  • Stainless Steel Watertight Conduit Hubs NEMA 4, 4X & 12 with Type 316 standard and 10 conduit sizes in-stock including grounded styles.
  • Stainless Steel Liquidtight Conduit Fittings IP 66 & NEMA 4X with Type 303 standard, 7 conduit sizes in-stock, 7 straight and 7 ninety-degree part numbers in-stock.
  • Stainless Steel Jacketed MC Cable Connectors NEMA 4 & IP 65 with Type 304 standard, Type 316 available and 10 conduit sizes in stock,
  • Stainless Steel Ventilation Plugs IP 69K with 3 thread sizes in stock, additional thread sizes & permeability levels available, designed to reduce the adverse effects of humidity in the environment by preventing pressure increase inside the enclosure and limiting temperature increase through air circulation.
  • Custom Stainless Steel Connectors including variations, adaptations, specials and full-scale custom products for small or large quantities, with Pg or Metric Threads.  Other manufacturers do not offer this service for their stainless steel connectors.

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Stainless steel electrical connectors brochure of product from Remke

Download the Stainless Steel Product Brochure

Custom Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors

When the connector you need isn't standard, talk to Remke!

Remke Engineered Solutions is entirely focused on meeting the needs of a single customer. Our Job #1 is to develop application-specific, custom stainless steel cable connectors that meet precise specifications.

Our broad spectrum of customization options is like a sliding scale, from simple to complex. No job is too small!

Transform stock connectors with slight modifications, adaptations and variations or manufacture custom cord grips.

Personal, Superior Service

  • Custom manufactured electrical connectors of all types
  • Free product design assistance
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Designed, engineered & manufactured in the USA
  • Quick turn-around
  • Small or large volume manufacturing
  • 100% product testing
  • Compliance Certification


Remke Straight Stainless Steel Cord Grip Size Chart

SKUThread SizeThread TypeCable RangeStrain Relief Mesh
RSSS-0033/8NPT.125 - .188No
RSSS-0043/8NPT.188 - .250No
RSSS-004-E3/8NPT.188 - .250Yes
RSSS-0053/8NPT.250 - .312No
RSSS-005-E3/8NPT.250 - .312Yes
RSSS-0063/8NPT.312 - .375No
RSSS-006-E3/8NPT.312 - .375Yes
RSSS-0073/8NPT.375 - .438No
RSSS-007-E3/8NPT.375 - .438Yes
RSSS-1031/2NPT.125 - .188No
RSSS-1041/2NPT.188 - .250No
RSSS-104-E1/2NPT.188 - .250Yes
RSSS-1051/2NPT.250 - .312No
RSSS-105-E1/2NPT.250 - .312Yes
RSSS-1061/2NPT.312 - .375No
RSSS-106-E1/2NPT.312 - .375Yes
RSSS-1071/2NPT.375 - .438No
RSSS-107-E1/2NPT.375 - .438Yes
RSSS-1081/2NPT.438 - .500No
RSSS-108-E1/2NPT.438 - .500Yes
RSSS-1091/2NPT.500 - .562No
RSSS-109-E1/2NPT.500 - .562Yes
RSSS-1101/2NPT.562 - .625No
RSSS-110-E1/2NPT.562 - .625Yes
RSSS-2083/4NPT.438 - .500No
RSSS-208-E3/4NPT.438 - .500Yes
RSSS-2093/4NPT.500 - .562No
RSSS-209-E3/4NPT.500 - .562Yes
RSSS-2103/4NPT.562 - .625No
RSSS-210-E3/4NPT.562 - .625Yes
RSSS-2113/4NPT.568 - .688No
RSSS-211-E3/4NPT.568 - .688Yes
RSSS-2123/4NPT.625 - .750No
RSSS-212-E3/4NPT.625 - .750Yes
RSSS-2133/4NPT.688 - .812No
RSSS-213-E3/4NPT.688 - .812Yes
RSSS-3091NPT.500 - .562No
RSSS-309-E1NPT.500 - .562Yes
RSSS-3101NPT.562 - .625No
RSSS-310-E1NPT.562 - .625Yes
RSSS-3111NPT.568 - .688No
RSSS-311-E1NPT.568 - .688Yes
RSSS-3121NPT.625 - .750No
RSSS-312-E1NPT.625 - .750Yes
RSSS-3131NPT.688 - .812No
RSSS-313-E1NPT.688 - .812Yes
RSSS-3141NPT.750 - .875No
RSSS-314-E1NPT.750 - .875Yes
RSSS-3151NPT.812 - .938No
RSSS-315-E1NPT.812 - .938Yes
RSSS-3161NPT.875 - 1.00No
RSSS-316-E1NPT.875 - 1.00Yes
RSSS-4111 1/4NPT.568 - .688No
RSSS-4131 1/4NPT.688 - .812No
RSSS-4141 1/4NPT.750 - .875No
RSSS-414-E1 1/4NPT.750 - .875Yes
RSSS-4161 1/4NPT.875 - 1.00No
RSSS-416-E1 1/4NPT.875 - 1.00Yes
RSSS-4181 1/4NPT1.00 - 1.125No
RSSS-418-E1 1/4NPT1.00 - 1.125Yes
RSSS-4201 1/4NPT1.125 - 1.250No
RSSS-420-E1 1/4NPT1.125 - 1.250Yes
RSSS-4221 1/4NPT1.250 - 1.375No
RSSS-422-E1 1/4NPT1.250 - 1.375Yes
RSSS-5111 1/2NPT.568 - .688No
RSSS-5131 1/2NPT.688 - .812No
RSSS-5141 1/2NPT.750 - .875No
RSSS-514-E1 1/2NPT.750 - .875Yes
RSSS-5161 1/2NPT.875 - 1.00No
RSSS-516-E1 1/2NPT.875 - 1.00Yes
RSSS-5181 1/2NPT1.00 - 1.125No
RSSS-518-E1 1/2NPT1.00 - 1.125Yes
RSSS-5201 1/2NPT1.125 - 1.250No
RSSS-520-E1 1/2NPT1.125 - 1.250Yes
RSSS-5221 1/2NPT1.250 - 1.375No
RSSS-522-E1 1/2NPT1.250 - 1.375Yes
RSSS-6222NPT1.250 - 1.375No
RSSS-622-E2NPT1.250 - 1.375Yes
RSSS-6252NPT1.438 - 1.562No
RSSS-625-E2NPT1.438 - 1.562Yes
RSSS-6272NPT1.562 - 1.688No
RSSS-627-E2NPT1.562 - 1.688Yes
RSSS-6292NPT1.688 - 1.812No
RSSS-629-E2NPT1.688 - 1.812Yes
RSSS-67292NPT1.688 - 1.812No
RSSS-6729-E2NPT1.688 - 1.812Yes
RSSS-67312NPT1.812 - 1.938No
RSSS-6731-E2NPT1.812 - 1.938Yes
RSSS-67332NPT1.938 - 2.062No
RSSS-6733-E2NPT1.938 - 2.062Yes
RSSS-67352NPT2.062 - 2.188Yes
RSSS-6735-E2NPT2.062 - 2.188Yes
RSSS-67372NPT2.188 - 2.312No
RSSS-6737-E2NPT2.188 - 2.312Yes
RSSS-67392NPT2.312 - 2.438No
RSSS-6739-E2NPT2.312 - 2.438Yes
RSSS-7292 1/2NPT1.688 - 1.812No
RSSS-729-E2 1/2NPT1.688 - 1.812Yes
RSSS-7312 1/2NPT1.812 - 1.938No
RSSS-731-E2 1/2NPT1.812 - 1.938Yes
RSSS-7332 1/2NPT1.938 - 2.062No
RSSS-733-E2 1/2NPT1.938 - 2.062Yes
RSSS-7352 1/2NPT2.062 - 2.188No
RSSS-735-E2 1/2NPT2.062 - 2.188Yes
RSSS-7372 1/2NPT2.188 - 2.312No
RSSS-737-E2 1/2NPT2.188 - 2.312Yes
RSSS-7392 1/2NPT2.312 - 2.438No
RSSS-739-E2 1/2NPT2.312 - 2.438Yes
RSSS-9013NPT2.437 - 2.625No
RSSS-901-E3NPT2.437 - 2.625Yes
RSSS-9023NPT2.625 - 2.812No
RSSS-902-E3NPT2.625 - 2.812Yes
RSSS-9033NPT2.812 - 3.000No
RSSS-903-E3NPT2.812 - 3.000Yes
RSSS-9043NPT3.000 - 3.250No
RSSS-904-E3NPT3.000 - 3.250Yes