Whitepaper: Choosing the Right Electrical Connectors to Avoid Downtime - Remke Industries

The right connector makes all the difference.

With Remke Engineered Solutions, we specialize in customizing our line of stainless steel electrical connectors & cord grips to fit your application-specific requirements in large or small runs, affordably.

Electrical connectors may be small, but their role is critical. Choosing the right connector will help the whole system run smoothly - and most times, it doesn’t take much. We develop custom stainless steel connectors & cord grips from simple to complex for our customers, and the simpler the solution is, the better.

The synonym to custom isn’t expensive. Our range of engineering capabilities allow us to take a stock product and tweak it just a bit, or develop an entirely new design from the ground up. Regardless, we are always operating within our client’s production and budgetary parameters. 

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Whitepaper: Custom Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors

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