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Our system will search our 15,000 SKU database and give you a list of equivalent part numbers. The Remke cross reference includes part numbers from Appleton, Brad Harrison/Molex, Bridgeport, Crouse-Hinds, Hubbell (Kellems), Iberville, Lumberg, Myers, Pass & Seymour, Pyle National, Raco, Thomas & Betts, Turck, and Woodhead/Molex.

Searching for a wire mesh manufacturer product cross reference?

Find the Remke wire mesh manufacturers part number you are looking for with this easy to use page dedicated to just cross referencing wire mesh and deluxe cord grips, including kellums.Looking for deluxe cord grips or kellems grips alternatives? 

We have an entire page dedicated to helping you find the deluxe cord grip or wire mesh strain relief product you are searching for. 

Click on the image to the left or click here to access the wire mesh manufacturers part number cross reference resource page.

You'll find all of the product groups below cross referenced on the page:

- Straight Aluminum Cord Grips With Mesh Strain Relief (i.e. Straight Deluxe Cord Grips, Kellems Grips)

- 90 Degree Aluminum Cord Grips With Strain Relief (i.e. 90 Degree Deluxe Cord Grips, 90 Degree Kellems Grips)

- 45 Degree Aluminum Cord Grips With Strain Relief (i.e. 45 Degree Deluxe Cord Grips, 45 Degree Kellems Grips)

In addition to those popular deluxe cord grips, you'll also find links to Remke's equivalent cord grip and cable connector products for the items below:

- Stainless Steel Bus Drop Grips, Safety Drops and Safety Spring Wire/Cord Tensioners

- Support Grips with Wire Mesh Strain Relief

- Wide Range Strain Relief with Wire Mesh

- Zinc Liquidtight Connectors with Wire Mesh Strain Relief

Still not finding the matching part you need?

Remke manufacturers cross reference utility in our catalog.If you don't find what you are looking for using our search engine or the links above, feel free to consult our online catalog.  We have an entire section devoted to electrical connectors manufacturers cross references for matching part numbers.

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