Molded Connectors & Cordsets in Action

Molded electrical connector application stories from Remke customers

Stories from actual customers about applications for Remke molded connectors, cordsets and cable assemblies.

Exhaust Ventilation Electrical by David St. George photo contest

David St. George - Remke is Recommended for Water Resistance

An industrial based company in manufacturing, service, and distribution recommends Remke.

“Our customer makes exhaust ventilation systems. They had a new application and were using a heavy-duty Weidmuller connector but they wanted something smaller and water resistant for a power & signal cable assembly.

The Remke Tuff-Link molded connector with SOOW cable & adapter ‘fit the bill’ for both and that’s what we recommended. So far so good!”

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Jamie Tyson Electrical

Jamie Tyson - Remke Connectors Perform Flawlessly

Using applied science and providing engineering and technical services in support of the Department of Defense, our customer recently completed a successful sea test of scientific and oceanographic equipment they built using Remke Micro-Link connectors for a tilt sensor, a load cell and a shorting/charge plug. They deployed several buoys in the ocean north of Christiansted, St. Croix (USVI) and according to Jamie “the Micro-Link connectors performed flawlessly in the salt water environment and cost substantially less than some competing connectors.”

Jamie stated that “on several occasions the electronics were fully submerged in seawater and we experienced no leakage or failure.” Previously they had used Bulgin Buccaneer connectors in this application but there all plastic construction wasn’t very robust and they were more expensive than Micro-Link connectors. 

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Kevin Kratzer Electrical

Kevin Kratzer - Molded Connectors on a Feeder Bowl

Our customer, a design and implement solid state control systems, depend on the durability of Remke connectors.

"We use Remke's quick disconnect cord sets to monitor the vibration of a feeder bowl so the control can regulate the feeder bowl's performance. Remke was designed in from the beginning."

We searched very hard to find an affordable connector/cable that could withstand the vibration it would face as a feeder bowl can vibrate 172,800 times in one day. Remke's connectors and cables have held up to the vibration and in oil environments [of some customers]. Thanks Remke."

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Les Gurvey Electrical

Les Gurvey - Electronic Controller for Hydrogen System 

"The Remke molded unit and connectors have reduced the connections of eight different devices used in our system. Previously we used terminal blocks and wire connectors.

Changing to the Remke design eliminated individual wires and connectors -- a time and cost savings. The use of the Remke product not only saved labor costs but makes our system look more professional. "

Every customer has commented that using Remke has made the unit look and act like a first class product! 

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Tim Miller Electrical

Tim Miller - Remote Control Water Cannon

When your business is designing and manufacturing innovative tools for firefighting, your components have to be top-of-the-line.

“The main product you see in the photo is a remote control water cannon that is generally mounted on top of a fire truck. The fireman can move the water nozzle both Left or Right, and Up or Down. At times while fighting a fire, the danger and/or heat may be too much and the fireman is forced to move away from the fire truck.

We sell this unit with either a 30 or 100 foot cable which allows the fire fighter to move away from the fire. This picture features a demo unit with a 4 conductor yellow Remke plug but there is also a black Remke cable & connector on the nozzle actuator. We have been buying Remke cables since early 2008. Before that time we had our own custom cable and were installing a 4-pin connector from Lumberg but that was a major hassle.” 

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John Cocozzo Electrical

John Cocozzo – Power Distribution Outlet Boxes

A leader in the field of lighting uses Remke products in important applications.

“Remke products are used in conjunction with our products – portable power distribution outlet boxes and lighting. The application is for fire & emergency rescue vehicles on a fire scene/ground.

Our customer used the ‘big name’ product before but the Remke products are made in the USA and much better designed! Remke cord grips have been excellent in performance with no complaints.” 

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Grant Price Electrical

Grant Price - Pre-assembled and Ready for Use

A specialty contractor and system integrator, our customer needed cords their customers could depend on.

“Our customer needed a custom length of cable that was durable enough to hold up in an outdoor application and be a quick connection. We needed to pre-assemble the cords into junction boxes so they could be installed on the equipment on site. We used them to interlock E-stops and interconnect the controls for 12 mobile material transfer conveyors that when assembled were 1500 ft. long."

"The application needed to stay running 24 hours a day in a Mexican gold mining operation. They worked out great in this application. The reason we chose Remke is you are the most flexible with making custom size cables and have the fastest turnaround of products, even when it is not a standard size.” 

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Bill Schuster Electrical

Bill Schuster - Wires that Handle Well

A manufacturer of industrial lifts saves time with Remke connectors.

“Material handling lift. They use it as a quick disconnect from the operator station mounted on the other side of the lift to the control box. It saves a considerable amount of installation time because the cables can be wired as they are building the control box but then given to anybody for installation at a later date.” 

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