Cable Connectors & Cord Grips in Action

Remke connector and cord grip application stories from customers

Stories from actual customers about applications for Remke cord grips, cable glands and connectors.

Sven Swanson Summer 2018-b

Sven Swanson – Liquidtight Cord Grips for Cleaning Systems

An Electrical Design Engineer at a Connecticut manufacturer of standard & custom automated spray cleaning, immersion cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning systems, Sven has relied on Remke connectors for years!

His company's systems are used in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, biomedical and general manufacturing. And their customers are names you know such as Caterpillar, GE and Duracell.

In this application, the company had previously used Thomas & Betts liquidtight cord grips on a wash/rinse/dry system used to clean precision machined castings.

But they had issues with the physical size of the former T&B connectors and ease of use on their equipment.

Sven’s company replaced the T&B product with Remke Aluminum Strain Relief Connectors (the RSR series).

Sven said, “the Remke straight & 90 degree RSR connectors are much easier to use and fit into tight spaces.”

Remke's RSR cord grips are used by Sven to connect cords to small AC/DC motors, proximity/photo-eye sensors and air/water solenoid valves. And he most commonly uses the RSR-103, RSR-105 and RSR-9105 Remke cord grips.

Sven Swanson Summer 2018-c

"This product has been excellent in all aspects – quality, size and price.”
- Sven Swanson

Sven Swanson Summer 2018-a

Messer Cutting Systems - Patrick Curran Fall Photo Contest Winner 2017

Patrick Curran – Connector for Control Cabinet

A plasma cutting technology company out of Menomonee Falls WI uses basically every bushing size of the Remke RSR/Aluminum Cord Grips series because they have many different sized cables going into a control cabinet.

They are a manufacturer of cutting machines and each machine has multiple control cabinets. According to thier electrical engineer Patrick Curran these cabinets “are located in a recessed area of the machine so they are hidden from sight making the machine look nicer – but this also makes it difficult to get our hands to where the cord grips are. The Remke cord grips are great in this area because they are simple to use – you only have to feed the cable through the cord grip and twist the cord grip tight to seal the area around the cable. That is very easy to do in such a tight space so we use them everywhere possible.”

Mr. Curran also told us that when we are designing what goes into the cabinet we just specify what Remke cord grip goes where. This saves on engineering because we don’t need to specify where to put the holes every time and it saves on manufacturing because the holes are already in the cabinet. We have thousands of machines in the field, each with multiple cabinets using Remke cord grips. All of our cabinets have remained dust tight and have performed very well.”

In addition, he talked about their vendor selection process. “We always start off selecting who is reputable when it comes to new projects. We then look at the competition to compare features and cost. We have switched many components/vendors over the years for various reasons and Remke is one of the components we have stayed with all these years (we have part numbers we created that pre-date 1998.) I actually appreciate that as an engineer because I don’t have to spend extra time on a design to create all new components.”

Weitzer Sales Ltd - Winner Fall Photo Contest 2017

Brad Weitzer – Connectors for Cutting Machines

Being a regional electrical products manufacturer representative agency means various customers of varying needs. One customer makes multiple types of cutting machines from water jet to lasers that are shipped to customers all over the world. This photo shows them using the Remke RSR-200 series cord grip with different bushings for different cable ranges.

According to Brad, his customer was using Hubbell and T&B products but our bushing options really help them a lot. Now all they do is buy a bunch of the 200 series and put specific orders in for the bushings. This is just an easier way for them to purchase and use the cord grips.” Brad says that his customer likes the simplicity of the cord grip and how well it’s made.

“The cord grips allow the communication cables to leave the enclosure in an organized fashion. The cord grips are doing incredibly well – none have broken and the customer said they haven’t stripped any of the threads either - unlike some of the other products they used to buy.”

Remke RSR for Parts Cleaner Application Story

Sven Swanson – Connector for Production Parts Cleaner

Our customer that manufactures both standard and custom automated spray cleaning, immersion cleaning & ultrasonic cleaning systems shows us Remke connectors for gas burner valve trains to measure & control the natural gas flow rate.

According to Sven, “The Remke connector was being used in a gas burner valve train application where one of our Aqueous wash/rinse/dryer system was being used to clean production parts. The RSR-105 cord grip connector provides excellent quality and appearance.”

Stainless Steel Connectors for I/O Panel by Shingle and Gibb, winner of Remke Photo Contest

David Long - Stainless Steel Connectors for I/O Control Panels

A mechanical power transmission industry independent distributor was developing remote I/O control panels for pharmaceutical process control applications. According to their manufacturers rep, Fitzgerald Spector, this was a new application with a new set-up and they were looking for stainless steel cord connectors that would be used on 316 stainless steel enclosures for process control valves.

Delivery and price were key factors into the decision as to who would get the order of over 200 pieces. They said “Remke was very competitive on price with good delivery times” and that was exactly what they needed. Remke got the order and so far “David Long is very happy with the Remke connectors.”

Application of electrical connectors for powder coating enclosure, Chris Buzas 2016

Chris Buzas Jr. - Making Improvments

A manufacturer of dispensing & industrial coating equipment were working with a customer in Saginaw, MI on a 7-step prep line to improve the quality of their enclosure powder coating line.

In the past, they had used cord grips from a variety of manufacturers but now were looking for something different for this new application. We presented the Remke line of cord grips as well as the multiple hole bushings and they loved them!

They ordered several types of Remke connectors but primarily the RSP Nylon Cord Grips because of their durability in harsh environments. Now in the final stages of installation of the new line in Saginaw and everybody is "very pleased with the performance of the Remke cord grips.”

Cord grips with multiple hole bushings for a junction box, application by Tony Sponsler

Tony Sponsler, Minneapolis MN - Multiple Hole Bushings in Cord Grips for a Junction Box

"We used Remke connectors for a machine with several cord connected devices that terminated in dust tight junction boxes." 

Our customer, a construction and equipment supplier, previously used a Thomas & Betts cord grip body but it left the bottom of the junction box looking cluttered and full of holes.

"We changed to a Remke Aluminum Cord Grip (RSR-204-3 & RSR-204-4) with 3 and 4 hole bushings to bring the cables neatly into the junction boxes. The Remke connectors have very nice machining and are excellent in terms of performance.”

Cord Grips for Manufacturing Application by Sven Swanson

Sven Swanson

“One of our OEM customers manufactures industrial cleaning machines. They were using straight & 90 degree OZ Gedney cord grips for both the float switches and solenoid valves in their high-production manufacturing facilities.

This customer wanted to replace the OZ product with better looking cord grips in smaller sizes to reduce wiring costs and they were looking for multiple hole bushings so they could fit more items in a congested area.

We recommended Remke connectors as they provide exceptional quality and make a good appearance on the final product and our customer is pleased.”

Chris Buzas Electrical Application

Chris Buzas, Jr.

A pump manufacturing company in Pittsburgh, PA required liquid tight connectors for wire management. They were using cord grips from another manufacturer but were not happy with the price or service they were receiving.

Chris worked with them on a Remke solution – RSP Nylon Cord Grips as they required protection against moisture, washdowns, dirt and other environmental elements. According to Chris, they are “very happy with Remke and the RSP cord grip" which is providing them with excellent performance.

Patrick Curran Electrical

Patrick Curran

A manufacturer of plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines that has used Remke cord grips with many of their machine lines, according to Patrick Curran, since the Remke connectors worked well they decided to design a custom cabinet with holes in the side so that the cord grips could be used without having to drill holes on their manufacturing floor.

Using almost every bushing size of Remke RSR Aluminum Cord Grips because they have many different sizes of cables going into the cabinet – but they most frequently use RSR-100, RSR-106 and RSR-110. Patrick says that the Remke Cord Grips “have performed really well. They are simple to use and have kept the dust out of our cabinets – which is hard because metal cutting dust seems to get into a lot of areas it shouldn’t!” 

Spriet electrical

Dan Spriet – Control Panel / Monitor 

Our customer, a wholesale distributor of electrical supplies, said "Remke connectors are being used at the point of cable entry on metal grinding machines. Previously our customer was using Murr connectors but they changed over to Remke straight & 90 degree aluminum strain relief connectors because of cost and availability. The Remke connectors have performed very well and are now part of a vendor managed inventory program".

Todd Zak – Distribution Box

"Remke cord grips are used as remote receptacles outside a robot cell for GM. The Remke connectors are used on most machines or cells. Previously GM had used a mixture of product that somebody had ordered with no reasoning behind it. GM standardized on Remke". 

John Cocozzo Electrical

John Cocozzo

In the field of lighting, dependability and quality matter.

These lights are used on emergency vehicles such as fire, rescue, crime scene units and more. We are using the RSR series cord grip. Previously we used Hubbell but we changed because Remke is the superior product and it is made in the USA. Hubbell is now made in China.

The Remke cord grip has been excellent - no complaints!"

John Cocozzo Electrical Services

John Cocozzo

Remke helps keep the lights on for industrial lighting engineers.

"This product is used in steel/paper mills across North America and also as crane lighting, in dry docks, shipyards, warehouses, etc. Hubbell was used before but we decided to change because Remke is Made in the USA and Hubbell went to China.

This light uses the RSR series cord grip which has given excellent performance." 

Sven Swanson Electrical

Sven Swanson 

A developer of innovative technology for aqueous cleaning systems are using Remke RSR series cord grips for their Aqueous wash/rinse/dry system which is used to clean precision machined castings.

"Previously we used T&B Liquidtight cord grips and the main reason for the change to Remke was physical size - the straight & 90 degree connectors from Remke are much easier to use and fit into tight spaces. The Remke product is excellent in quality, size & price."  

Charles Wood Electrical

Charles Wood - Welder Strain Relief

“This was a new installation for our customer with SO cord feeding a new welding machine. The electricians like the wire mesh cable grips due to the ease of installation and the versatility they provide in the field.

In this case the electrician was protecting the cable feeding the new welder from accidentally being pulled from the disconnect. In the years that we have been stocking Remke products I do not remember any problems with the products we have sold.” 

Mike Fleck Electrical

Mike Fleck - Gas Detection Cord Grip

A developer and producer of safe and reliable gas detection equipment uses Remke cord grips.

“The cord grip is installed in the side of the housing so that the wiring can run along the wall or cabinet of the installation. The application was new in 2012. We were using a different cord grip but found that the Remke version was more robust and provided more range of grip for the wiring. Remke cord grips have performed flawlessly."

"We have not had one problem in the 2+ years of using the product and our end users have zero issues as well.” 

Jeff Ramsey Electrical

Jeff Ramsey

“Only the best OEM’s use Remke quality!" says a package pump OEM that uses Remke sealtite fittings on their control panels and motor connections.

They have used a variety of other manufacturers in the past, but the Remke brand has proven to be the best in ease of installation and quality machining. "Remke has been an excellent performer for a manufacture of quality packaged systems. Keep up the great quality!”