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Mini-Link™ Cable Connectors, Cordsets and Cable Assemblies are molded with Silicone for applications with extreme temperature ranges, severe environments and extreme ranges of flexibility. Where absolute reliability is required, Remke Hi-Temp Silicone connectors are the answer.

Silicone rubber is used in a variety of industries for its extreme temperature properties and chemical resistance. Silicone is an excellent electrical insulator and its composition makes it highly resistant to ozone, UV and heat. Industries that benefit from silicone rubbers include automotive, medical devices, aviation & aerospace, electronics, construction and industrial.

silicone minilink

Remke Hi-Temp Silicone Mini-Link cable connectors offer IP 68 & NEMA 6P protection, have an operating temperature from -50˚C to + 180˚C and 600V rating. These connectors are available as straight & 90 degree plug and as a male-female cordset in 2 thru 5 pole configurations. Mating receptacles feature a Viton O Ring and are available in straight & 90 degree with an optional flange design. The coupling nut is machined aluminum/black anodized but stainless steel hardware is also available. Custom cord lengths are available upon request.

And only Remke offers you Hi-Temp Silicone as a standard product in our family of Mini-Link molded connectors & cordsets.