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Remke Engineered Solutions for Custom Manufactured Electrical Connectors
Customize a stock cable connector to better suit your needs.


The Remke Engineered Solutions team is asked every day by customers & distributors “can you do this?” 

The answer is usually, "Yes we can!"

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Modified Standard Product Solutions are standard Remke product with minor alterations such as:

  • Cable length
  • Bushing material
  • Number of holes in the bushing
  • Wire mesh material

By and large the majority of Engineered Solutions we develop fall into this category – minor alterations to standard products.  Examples of minor changes would include different cable lengths, using a different locking nut material, or a bushing made out of silicone instead of neoprene.

Examples of Modified Standard Product Solutions

See how we've modified stock cord connectors & molded connectors for customers.


Customer Requirement
Special length cordsets for limited space requirements

Remke Solution
Manufactured connectors with custom lengths of cable to meet customer specifications


Customer Requirement
Connectors for highly acidic environment that could be easily identified

Remke Solution
Molded-to-cable one piece connector with a PEEK® plastic coupler & unique color


Customer Requirement
Power cable needed to blend into a white background so that it’s inconspicuous

Remke Solution
Produced connector in non-standard industry color


Customer Requirement
High temperature corrosion-resistant cord connectors

Remke Solution
Nickel-plated, 316 stainless anodized connector with high-temp silicone grommets


Customer Requirement
Cord connector to seal a double-ended molded power cable

Remke Solution
Connector with split bushing to pass-through larger molded cable end


Customer Requirement
Strain relief cord connector for special size & shaped multiple hole cords

Remke Solution
Connectors with custom bushings