Industrial-Grade Molded Connectors for Outdoor Meters

Custom molded connectors for outdoor meters

Remke Engineered Solutions for Custom Manufactured Electrical Connectors
Case Study: Outdoor Meter Application.

Custom shielded connectors provide signal integrity for a pipeline, prevented tampering and eliminated hand-wiring.

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The Challenge

On an outdoor pipeline, a global manufacturer of flow measurement & control products was using a hand-wired connector with one of its pressure transducers.

But reliability of the hand-wired connector was a concern because:

  • Excessive noise interfered with signal integrity from the transducer to the control system.
  • Hand wiring the connector was time consuming.
  • Design of the hand-wired connector was not waterproof or tamper-resistant - both of which are imperative in a gas meter application.

The Remke Engineered Solution

The Remke Flexible Solutions Team determined that a Customized Product Solution was the best answer to meet the customers’ needs.

The Remke Engineered Solutions team:

  • Developed an industrial-grade molded connector that provided:
  • Tamper resistance
  • IP 68 and NEMA 6P protection
  • A 360º aluminum mylar foil shield to minimize electrical interference
  • Protection to the housing of the pressure transducer


According to the customer, The Remke Flexible Solution, “more than adequately solved the previous connection deficiencies and provides additional benefits as well.”

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