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Non-Metallic Cord Connector Submerged Application

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Case Study: Custom Cable Connectors for a Submerged Application.

Learn how Custom, Non-Metallic Electrical Connectors Solved the Problem of Moisture Absorption in Pool and Spa Pumps.

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The Challenge

A company that manufactures pool & spa pumps, filters and accessories had tried various types of cord grips for use with their in-ground pool large and small underwater lights.

  • Standard aluminum cord grips were too large and prone to corrosion.
  • Plastic & nylon grips morphed causing the connector to expand and contract.
  • Stainless steel grips were too expensive.
  • Nickel-plated grips were also expensive & adequate provide superior corrosion-resistance.

None of the grips the company tested could withstand the long-term effects of being submerged in water containing corrosive elements like chlorine. And none of the suppliers could offer an answer to the problem.

The Remke Engineered Solution

The Remke Engineered Solutions team determined that an Adapted Application Solution would best serve the customer’s specific requirements.

The Remke Engineered Solutions team:

  • Created a special version of the Dome-Cap non-metallic connector in Valox® - a non-hydroscopic material that won’t absorb moisture.
  • Used a different material of construction to solve this problem so that neither the pool water or the chemicals could encroach into the connector in any way.
  • Designed special bulk packaging for easier storage in inventory.
  • Provided a smaller-size cord grip that would be reliable when submerged in water with corrosives.

The Result

The Remke Solution solved the customers’ problem.

In fact, this Valox Dome Cap connector worked so well that the company changed their bill of materials to standardize on this custom solution for all models of their underwater lights for in-ground pools.