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Case Study: Custom Cable Connectors for Data Center Servers.

See how dust-tight, vibration-proof PDU Strain Relief Cable Connectors solved connectivity issues for the world's largest data centers.

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The Challenge

A leading global search engine company is building multiple new data centers throughout the US with hundreds of server racks in each location. The company supplying the server racks also provided the Power Distribution Units (PDU) and was responsible for connecting power.

The very nature of the application required heavy-duty connections to ensure uptime, calling for 2” 90-degree aluminum power cable connectors. They also needed to be dust tight and vibration proof, partly due to possibility of earth quakes.

The specification called for cable connectors from a nationally-known manufacturer based in the Northeastern US. The installer realized they needed 2" connectors but the manufacturer could not deliver them quickly, as they were shipped from Mexico. With a deadline looming, the installer placed the order, hoping that the installation would not come to a grinding halt.

When the connectors were received, they didn’t fit the cable size correctly, which caused longer assembly time, and even more delays. Plus, they were expensive. Coupled with the manufacturer not being able to meet the delivery dates needed, these small components were causing big problems for the project.

The Remke Engineered Solution

The installer searched for another manufacturer on their next project due to the concerns with the previous connectors. They found Remke and made the call.

As a manufacturer based in the USA-Chicago IL, Remke was able to deliver the exact connector needed for the project, fast.

The spec connector the customer needed was actually a stock product in the Remke warehouse!

The 2”, 90-degree, aluminum cable connector was fitted with a wire mesh grip to provide additional vibration protection.

It also had a tighter radius, with just the right amount of room to easily thread the cable and assemble the connector.

As the manufacturer, Remke’s efficiencies were passed on to the installer saving them both time & money.


The installer was able to complete the new project on time, and within budget. From the initial phone call to job-site delivery, Remke exceeded the installers expectations.

In addition to the fast ship time, the team at Remke was able to deliver a connector that gave the installer greater peace of mind that the connection was highly secure and not vulnerable to earthquakes. With faster assembly and installation time, and a lower product cost, Remke’s connectors were the perfect solution.

Today the installer relies on Remke’s full line of strain relief cable connectors for every project, and refers his colleagues too. Remke has received many repeat orders for various data center locations -- and Remke's heavy-duty strain relief cable connectors are on the spec for all of the data centers of this search engine giant.