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Case Study: Custom Strain Relief Connectors for Robotics.

See how a rubber cone provided rigidity for cable connectors on an assembly line and solved the problem of an auto manufacturer.

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The Challenge

A ‘big 3’ car maker uses welding robots on their production and assembly lines. But traditional connection methods using strain relief connectors with wire mesh grips were not working for various reasons.

  • Repetitive movement & excessive flexing of the welding robot was causing the cable insulation to become fractured and broken at key stress points
  • Damage caused the cable to short-out and the robot to shut down
  • When the welding robot shuts down so does the entire production line

The Remke Engineered Solution

The Remke Engineered Solutions Team determined that  a Customized Product Solution was needed to solve the car makers problems.

The Remke Engineered Solutions team:

  • Developed the Tuff-Flex Cord Grip Connector featuring a molded rubber cone that is tapered for rigidity and flexibility.
  • The molded rubber cone matches cable arc-of-bend specifications to eliminate cable damage.
  • The connector is ideal for use in any application where cable damage due to excessive flexing is a problem.

The Result

The big 3 car maker tests each cone and the Tuff-Flex Cord Grip Connector has exceeded their cycle test requirements every time.

As they have said, "this connector solved our problem."

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