Other Useful Websites

Electrical & Electronics Industry Websites

EE TIMESwww.eetimes.com – News, analysis, products & in-depth technical information for the global electronics engineering community

ELECTRIC FINDwww.electricfind.com – a directory of manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, engineers, manufacturers reps, associations, publications and more

ELECTRIC PILOTwww.electricpilot.com – a search engine with over 70 product categories, 3000 manufacturers, 3000 distributors and 4000 contractors



CONNECTOR SPECIFIERwww.interconnectionworld.com – a monthly magazine providing in-depth overviews of the technologies that drive the interconnect market.

EC&M (Electrical Construction & Maintenance)http://ecmweb.com – a monthly magazine featuring a mix of in-depth technical articles, market and construction forecasts, and comprehensive product reviews for electrical professionals.

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORwww.ecmag.com – the official publication of the National Electrical Contractors Association.

ELECTRICAL MARKETINGwww.electricalmarketing.com – weekly newsletter with reports on market trends, key personnel, and other news.

ELECTRICAL PRODUCT NEWSwww.epnweb.com – a monthly newsletter focused on electrical and lighting market news.

ELECTRICAL WHOLESALINGhttp://ewweb.com – a monthly magazine for distributors of electrical supplies providing information they need to run their businesses more profitably and sell more electrical supplies.

INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTIONhttp://inddist.com – provides daily news, blogs, videos and new products.

NEW EQUIPMENT DIGESTwww.newequipment.com – a monthly tabloid magazine serving the field of industrial manufacturing and production



NAEDwww.naed.org – National Association of Electrical Distributors

NEMRAwww.nemra.org – National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Assoc.

ELECTRIC ASSOCIATIONwww.eachicago.org – The umbrella organization for the various electrical disciplines in greater Chicago 


Industry Directories & Portals

THOMASNETwww.thomasnet.com – an industrial search engine bringing together buyers and sellers on a national, regional and local basis

AUTOMATION.COMwww.automation.com – a resource for industrial automation, process control and instrumentation engineers & professionals

WWW.MININGPLAZZA.COM.AUwww.miningplazza.com.au- a mining industry information database designed to simplify the process of interaction between buyers & vendors which also includes news, events and job openings.



UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIESwww.ul.com – an American independent product safety testing and certification organization

CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATIONwww.csa.ca – a Canadian not-for-profit standards association



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