Made in USA

Molded Connector & Cordset Purchasing Checklist

Product Needs to Consider

  • Style - M12, M8, mini, distribution boxes, attachables, bus system
  • Dual or Single Key
  • Number of Poles
  • Assembly Length
  • Connectors Overmold Material
  • Cable Type & Gauge
  • Cable Color Options
  • Coupling or Shell Options
  • Custom Cable Options
  • Accessories such as Closure Caps & Adapters
  • Environmental Concerns based on where connector installed
  • Specific Ratings e.g. IP or NEMA
  • 3rd Party Specifications (UL, CSA, RoHS)

Supplier Capabilities to Consider

  • Product Made in USA
  • Live Factory Customer Support Staff
  • Stock Status of Standard Products
  • Lead Times on Standard Products
  • Willing to Break Box Quantities
  • Minimum Order Quantities
  • Return Policies
  • Local Customer Support
  • Customization
  • ISO Certification
  • Project Quotations Available