Master Catalog 80 Is Now Available

In addition to the Tuff-Seal and Tuff-Link lines you’ve come to rely on, our 232-page Master Catalog includes new connectors and resources that help you choose the right connector the first time. Flip through the pages of the E-Catalog online, or Download PDF (37.5 MB)

New Connectors in Remke Master Catalog 80

M12 Etherlink Molded Connectors
Industrial-strength, micro connectors are rated IP 68 and NEMA 6P with D-Coding for Ethernet and Fieldbus use. These M12 Etherlink connectors provide Cat5e data performance with 360-degree EMI shielding and molded-to-shield TPE cable. Learn More ›

Aluminum Liquidtight Connectors
For wet and corrosive environments, indoors and out, the new aluminum liquidtight connectors have an insulated throat to protect against wire damage. Available in 3/8" - 2" conduit sizes. Learn More ›

Solar Liquidtight Cord Grips
New liquidtight solar connectors feature a PV module output lead for inverters. They can be easily threaded into an adapter to be attached directly to rigid (PVC) or EMT conduit. Choose from 1 to 13 wire installations. Learn More ›

EMC4 Dome Cap Cable Glands
A new design with 6 internal fingers (tines) that feature a larger contact surface for shielding EMC interference. Easily insert the cable from either side of the connector. Learn More ›

Drain Fittings
Drain away moisture from condensation with stainless steel or aluminum drain fittings in ½" - ¾" NPT sizes. Learn More ›

3-1/2" and 4" Standard Aluminum Cord Grips
Larger sizes are now in stock and ready to ship! Learn More ›

New Product Guides & Resources

The Remke Master Catalog 80 also features technical specifications, product cross references and industry application guides.

Finally, details on Remke’s Engineered Solutions program are also included. This program is dedicated to manufacturing custom connectors, adaptations and variations to meet your specs exactly, without breaking the budget.

Contact us online, or email, to receive a printed copy.