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Remke Multiple Hole Bushings

Multiple Hole Bushings

A Single Bushing and
Cord Connector for
Multiple Terminations


Terminate Multiple Conductors in One Fitting

The Tuff-Seal family of Multiple Hole Bushings are the answer when multiple conductors need to be terminated into one fitting. With over 300 configurations available, when you use Remke multiple hole bushings you'll save both money and space by using a single bushing & cord connector instead of separate cord grips for each length of cable.

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Remke Multiple Hole Bushings

Any of our Multiple Hole Bushings can fit into any standard Remke cord connector made from aluminum, nickel-plated aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nylon or Valox®. Standard bushings are made from Neoprene but optional materials include silicone for high-temperature applications.

For a quotation on a custom multiple hole bushing, please click on the Custom Solutions tab -- complete the Remke Custom Bushing Design Guide -- and email it to or you can fax it to Remke at 847-541-7245.


Based on conduit size and material of construction, custom bushings can fit into all or some of the Remke cord connectors. This matrix will help you determine what is available.

Conduit Size Bushing Series Aluminum and Nickel-Plated Aluminum Steel Stainless Steel Nylon and Valox
1 1/4"300XXX
1 1/2"400XXX
2 1/2" or 3"600XX

NOTE: Bushings available for 3" connectors. Consult factory.

How To Use The Design Guide

Step 1:
Determine the bushing series size you need by laying out multiple conductors in the circles below which represent each size. This process will also help you determine the conduit size.

Step 2:
Determine what connector material best suits your application and use the matrix chart to confirm that the bushing fits with the desired connector size and material.

Step 3:
Copy and fax the completed design guide form to Remke at 847-541-7245.

Creating A Full Assembly Part Number For Existing Bushings

Once you have identified the custom bushing needed, to create a full assembly part number you will need to substitute the prefix of the material of construction you want for the prefix in the bushing only part number.

Material Prefix:
RSR: Aluminum
RSRN: Nickel-Plated Aluminum
RSRS: Steel
RSSS: Stainless Steel
RSP: Nylon
RSPV: Valox

The part number for Bushing SRB-104-2 as a complete assembly to fit into an aluminum cord connector would be RSR-104-2. To fit into a nylon connector, the part number for Bushing SRB-104-2 would be RSP-104-2.