Remke Micro-Link Molded Connectors & Cordsets

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Rugged M12, Single & Dual Keyway Molded Cordsets & Connectors for Enhanced Protection

Micro-Link™ Molded Cable Connectors and Cordsets withstand harsh environmental conditions and temperatures for reliable connections.

Remke Micro-Link connectors feature dozens of options to create reliable electrical connections in any environment. PVC, PUR, TPE and Rubber protect the connector, which is factory molded to the cable for extra durability. 

NEMA 6P and IP 67 Rated for compliant environmental protection in extreme elements.  

Choose your configuration from our extensive inventory in-stock, or custom-engineer your own with our Engineered Solutions program




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Micro-Link Molded Cordsets Improve Reliability in Harsh Conditions

Rugged, Remke Micro-Link Molded Cable Connectors and cord sets are rated IP 67 and NEMA 6P for superior moisture resistance.

They offer fast, easy replacement of 12mm to 18mm sensors, switches and control components. 

Get the job done right the first time with durable connectors that are molded to the cable in the factory, and mechanically keyed to eliminate mis-mating. 

Many Options to Meet Your Demanding Specs 

  • M12 Single Key Connectors
  • Dual Key Connectors
  • Splitters and Wire Management
  • PVC, PUR, TPE and Rubber materials
  • 2 thru 12 pole configurations
  • Male and female connectors
  • Straight or 90-degree 
  • Optional LEDs
  • Cable with or without braiding
  • Shielded connectors with a 360° aluminum mylar foil shield minimize electrical interference that can disrupt the signal to the control device 
  • A splitter version molded to cable for a double/single ended configuration is available

Micro-Link connectors are designed for low amperage AC or DC control systems and are compatible with the pin configurations used by major U.S. and European sensor manufacturers.  

Typical applications for Micro-Link molded connectors include automotive assembly, sensors on conveyors, pick & place robots, packaging machinery, automated machinery and material handling equipment.

Products typically used with micro-link connectors include proximity sensors, limit switches, photoelectric switches, solenoids and hydraulic/pneumatic valves.


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Anatomy of a Part Number

  • 3
  • 04
  • A
  • 0500
  • J
  • 1

Micro-Link Style Connector Series 
2 = (AC) Dual Key (PVC) 
3 = (DC) Single Key-M12 (PVC) 
4 = (AC) Dual Key (PUR) 
5 = (DC) Single Key-M12 (PUR) 
6 = (AC) Dual Key (SJ00W) 
7 = (DC) Single Key-M12 (SJ00W)

Number of Poles 
02 = 2 Pole 
03 = 3 Pole 
04 = 4 Pole 
05 = 5 Pole 
06 = 6 Pole 
08 = 8 Pole 
12 = 12 Pole

Connector Style 
A = Female Straight 
C = Female 90 Degree 
E = Male Straight* 
F = Male 90 Degree* 
K = Male/Female (STRT/STRT)* 
L = Male/Female (STRT/90D)* 
M = Male/Female (90D/STRT)* 
N = Male/Female (90D/90D)* 
O = Female/Female 
P = Male Recpt. 1/2" NPT 
R = Male Recpt. 1/4" NPT 
S = Female Recpt. 1/4" NPT+ 
T = Male Recpt. M14 X 1 
+ = Internal Threads 
* = Male Has External Threads 
Note: Other connector styles available. Consult Factory.

Assembly Length (FT.) 
1st Digit is 100 x Length 
2nd Digit is 10 x Length 
3rd Digit is 1 x Length 
4th Digit is .1 x Length 
"Ex: 0005 is 1/2 Ft." 
"0050 is 5 Ft." 
"0500 is 50 Ft." 
"5000 is 500 Ft."

Dual Key Cable Codes 
AA = # 22 AWG TPE Shielded (Auto CC) 
AK = # 22 AWG PUR w/braid (Auto CC) 
AQ = # 18 AWG TPE (Auto CC) 
C = # 18 AWG Rubber SJOOW (Auto CC) 
E = # 18 AWG PVC (Auto CC) 
G = # 22 AWG PVC w/braid (Auto CC) 
K = # 22 AWG PUR (Auto CC) 
T = # 22 AWG PVC w/o braid (Auto CC) 

For Receptacles Only 
N = # 18/1C PVC 
P = # 22/1C PVC 
AS = # 24/1C PVC 
Note: (Auto CC) applies to Dual Key Devices. Other cable codes available - consult factory

Single Key Cable Codes 
AB = # 22 AWG TPE Shielded (Euro CC) 
AL - # 22 AWG PUR w/braid (Euro CC) 
AR = #18 AWG TPE (Euro CC) 
D = # 18 AWG Rubber SJOOW (Euro CC) 
F = # 18 AWG PVC (Euro CC) 
H = # 22 AWG PVC w/braid (Euro CC) 
J = # 22 AWG PVC w/o braid (Euro CC) 
L = # 22 AWG PUR (Euro CC) 

For Receptacles Only 
N = # 18/1C PVC 
P = # 22/1C PVC 
AS = # 24/1C PVC 
Note: (Euro CC) applies to single key (M12) devices. Other cable types available - consult factory.

Coupling or Shell Options 
1= Stainless Steel 
9 = Nickel-Plated Brass 
N = Non-Metallic 
Note: Leave Blank for Std. Materials

Remke Engineered Solutions

Meeting the Needs of a Single Customer

When the product you need doesn’t exist in the standard line talk to us.

 Remke Engineered Solutions is entirely focused on meeting the needs of a single customer.   Developing application-specific solutions that meet your precise needs is Job 1 and no order is ‘too small’.  

Think of our broad spectrum of services like a sliding scale ….. from simple on the left to complex on the right ---  from specials on the left to adaptations & variations in the middle to full-scale engineered custom products on the right.  Wherever your specific need falls on that spectrum will be the Remke Engineered Solution that is right for your application.

All our Engineered Solutions customers receive:

  • Free product design assistance
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Design, engineering & manufacturing in the USA
  • Quick turnaround in as little as days (based on complexity)
  • Versatile & innovative solutions
  • Small or large volume manufacturing for any product we design
  • 100% product testing
  • Compliance Certification – UL, CSA, TUV, CE, etc. (where applicable)

Let us relieve the burden of developing an idea into a manufactured product.  Depending on the level of modification required we can fast-track design & create prototypes within days.  Put your connectivity problems into the hands of the Remke Engineered Solutions team.


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