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Remke Mini-Link Molded Mini Connectors

Molded Connectors
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Industrial-Strength Mini Connectors
for Demanding Environments

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NEMA 6P and IP 68 Rated
Mini Connectors and Cordsets

The Remke family of Mini-Link Industrial mini cable connectors are ideally suited for applications where flexibility and resistance to stress, abuse or harsh environments is important. Molded connectors & cordsets are available in:

  • PVC (plastic) for general industrial applications
  • Rubber for use in applications where flexibility & resistance to abusive environments thru a broad temperature range is important
  • Hi-Temp Silicone for applications with extreme temperature changes or flexibility & severe environments where absolute reliability is required
  • TPE for environments with chemicals & corrosives (available upon request)
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Features of Mini-Link Molded Connectors

The family of Mini-Link Molded Connectors includes Connectors, cable assemblies and receptacles that are available in male & female, straight and 90º designs in 2 thru 12 pole configurations. Features of the product line include:

  • NEMA 6P and IP 68 protection
  • Nickel coated then gold-plated contacts for enhanced corrosion resistance & conductivity
  • Hard Service SOOW, SJOOW or STOW cable configurations
  • Pins and contacts are crimped onto wires with eight indentations assuring secure terminations
  • Connectors meet or exceed UL, CSA, NEMA, SAE, IEC and automotive specifications.
  • Integral strain relief and plated coupling nuts

Attachable Mini-Link Connectors

Attachable Mini-Link connectors provide essential flexibility for wiring in the field. In applications where it is difficult to design or plan wiring due to changing conditions, using Mini-Link cables with attachable molded connectors that can be wired on site is the answer.

Typical applications for using Mini-Link Molded Connectors includes sensors on conveyors, automated assembly equipment, packaging equipment, robotics equipment, bus systems and transportation equipment. Products that are typically used with Mini-Link connectors include 12 and 18mm proximity sensors, limit switches, photoelectric switches, solenoids & hydraulic valves, foot operated switches, power tools, cranes/hoists/and their controls.

For more information about the expanded family of Mini-Link B & C-Size Molded Connectors please check out this blog:

For more information about the integrity of sensor connectors in harsh environments please check out this white paper:

Molded Connectors & Cordsets Purchasing Checklist:

Outdoor Weatherproof Application Case Study

Corrosion & UV Resistant Molded Connector

Ordering Matrix

  • Mini-Link
  • Number of Poles
  • Connector Style
  • Assembly Length (FT.)
  • Cable Code
  • Coupling or Shell Options
  • Reset


  • 1
  • 03
  • A
  • 0300
  • A
  • 1


Number of Poles
02 = 2 Pole
03 = 3 Pole
04 = 4 Pole
05 = 5 Pole
06 = 6 Pole

Connector Style
A = Female Straight
C = Female 90 Degree
E = Male Straight*
F = Male 90 Degree*
K = Male/Female (STRT/STRT)*
L = Male/Female (STRT/90D)*
M = Male/Female (90D/STRT)*
N = Male/Female (90D/90D)*
O = Female/Female
P = Male Recpt. 1/2" NPT
R = Male Recpt. 1/4" NPT
S = Female Recpt. 1/4" NPT+
T = Male Recpt. M14 X 1
+ = Internal Threads
* = Male Has External Threads
Note: Other connector styles available. Consult Factory.

Assembly Length (FT.)
1st Digit is 100 x Length
2nd Digit is 10 x Length
3rd Digit is 1 x Length
4th Digit is .1 x Length
"Ex: 0005 is 1/2 Ft."
"0050 is 5 Ft."
"0500 is 50 Ft."
"5000 is 500 Ft."

Dual Key Cable Codes
AA = # 22 AWG TPE Shielded (Auto CC)
AK = # 22 AWG PUR w/braid (Auto CC)
AQ = # 18 AWG TPE (Auto CC)
C = # 18 AWG Rubber SJOOW (Auto CC)
E = # 18 AWG PVC (Auto CC)
G = # 22 AWG PVC w/braid (Auto CC)
K = # 22 AWG PUR (Auto CC)
T = # 22 AWG PVC w/o braid (Auto CC)

For Receptacles Only
N = # 18/1C PVC
P = # 22/1C PVC
Note: (Auto CC) applies to Dual Key Devices. Other cable codes available - consult factory

Single Key Cable Codes
AB = # 22 AWG TPE Shielded (Euro CC)
AL - # 22 AWG PUR w/braid (Euro CC)
AR = #18 AWG TPE (Euro CC)
D = # 18 AWG Rubber SJOOW (Euro CC)
F = # 18 AWG PVC (Euro CC)
H = # 22 AWG PVC w/braid (Euro CC)
J = # 22 AWG PVC w/o braid (Euro CC)
L = # 22 AWG PUR (Euro CC)

For Receptacles Only
N = # 18/1C PVC
P = # 22/1C PVC
Note: (Euro CC) applies to single key (M12) devices. Other cable types available - consult factory.

Coupling or Shell Options
1= Stainless Steel
9 = Nickel-Plated Brass
N = Non-Metallic
Note: Leave Blank for Std. Materials

Outdoor Weatherproof Application Case Study

Corrosion & UV Resistant Molded Connector

Developing Application-Specific Solutions That Meet Your Precise Needs

When a standard, off-the-shelf product won't solve your problem… and when other manufacturers tell you 'sorry we can't help you'…look no further than the Remke Flexible Solutions Center…100% dedicated to designing custom products, specials, adaptations and variations with these services offered to all our customers:

  • Free product design assistance
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Design, engineering & manufacturing in the USA
  • Quick turnaround in as little as days (based on complexity)
  • Versatile & innovative solutions
  • Small or large volume manufacturing for any product we design
  • 100% product testing
  • Compliance Certification – UL, CSA, TUV, CE, etc. (where applicable)

Let us relieve the burden of developing an idea into a manufactured product. We can fast-track design & create prototypes within days depending on the level of modification required. Put your connectivity problems into the hands of the Remke Flexible Solutions Center.

Outdoor Weatherproof Application Case Study

Corrosion & UV Resistant Molded Connector