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Remke Family of Wire Mesh Grips

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Wire Mesh Grips

Making Cable Strain Relief, Pulling, Routing and Positioning Easier!


Made in the USA, in-stock and ready to ship - the Remke family of Wire Mesh Grips are the answer for any application where you need cable supported vertically or horizontally, indoors or out. And using Remke grips eliminates a potential safety issue where cable is insufficiently supported by the electrical terminations.

The Remke family of Wire Mesh Cable Grips includes:

  • Standard Support Grips
  • Lace Closing Support Grips
  • Rod Closing Support Grips
  • Wide Range Strain Relief Grips
  • I-Grips
  • Bus Drop Grips
  • Junior Pulling Grips
  • Light Duty Pulling Grips

Remke wire mesh grips are available in various lengths and sizes and can be customized to meet unique application requirements. Optional cord connectors, which can be used with any Remke wire mesh grip, are available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nickel-plated aluminum & non-metallic materials to meet a variety of environmental concerns.