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Remke Family of Dome Cap Cable Glands

Dome Cap Cable Glands

Various styles of liquid-tight strain relief for dry, damp, wet or underwater applications


Remke Dome Cap Cable Glands provide easy handling, quick installation, impact and abrasion resistance even at very low temperatures.

These connectors are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous flexing and bending with ease and can be used with a wide range of cables both indoors and outdoors.

Our Dome Cap Cable Glands are also rated IP 68 making them suitable for use underwater to 150 feet - ideal for submersible applications as well as pumps, fountains and marine use.

Exceeding NEMA 6 specifications, the Remke family of Dome Cap Cable Glands includes:

  • Standard nylon connectors available in a wide range of sizes with either NPT or Pg threads
  • A Spiral-Flex extended version for a greater level of strain relief, preventing sharp bends or kinks in cable, and for additional protection from cable damage especially from moving machinery or machine parts
  • A variety of nickel-plated brass connectors in several thread styles including NPT, Metric and Pg. These metallic connectors are ideally suited for use in a wide variety of applications including corrosive and industrial environments
  • A selection of EMC connectors that shield against electromagnetic frequencies and adapt to different cable shields.