A Broad Spectrum of Services to Create Custom Cable Connectors, Cord Grips & Molded Connectors

For 50 years Remke has been creating custom connectors for all types of industrial-strength electrical applications.

Think of our broad spectrum of services like a sliding scale ….. from simple on the left to complex on the right ---  from specials on the left to adaptations & variations in the middle to full-scale engineered custom products on the right.  Wherever your specific need falls on that spectrum will be the Remke Engineered Solution that is right for your application.

When the product you need doesn't exist in the standard line talk to us.

At Remke we keep an expansive inventory of component parts for our cable connectors, cord grips, wire mesh grips & molded connectors. 

This inventory enables us to create more configurations and combinations of connectors than other manufacturers. 

Our Engineered Solutions process enables you to select exactly what you need for your application including type of material, wire mesh, hardware, wiring, bushings and threading ..... along with custom packaging, kitting and private labeling.  

Modified Standard Product Solutions

Standard Remke product with minor alterations such as cable length, bushing material, number of holes in bushing & wire mesh material.

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Adapted Application Solutions

Standard Remke product with changes in materials, threading, custom wiring or cable, plating, private labeling, packaging & kitting.

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Customized Product Solutions

Engineered solution based on the customer specification/customer driven design of a unique product -- could be proprietary and most times involves tooling.

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