Customized Product Solution

Submerged, Metal Cord Connectors for Abusive Applications

Connector Doesn’t Leak When Submerged In Fluids

The Challenge:

A manufacturer of all-terrain, all season, track-driven vehicles was dealing with a leakage problem from the transmission case.

They had tried standard compression-type metal cord connectors to stop the leaking but without consistent success. The seals around the individual conductors weren’t reliable due to the lubricity of the transmission fluid.

Plus there was concern about the chemical reaction of the wire jacketing material used in the cord connector.

The Remke Engineered Solution:

To meet the demanding environment within the transmission case, the Remke Engineered Solutions Team determined that a Customized Product Solution was needed.

The Remke Engineered Solutions team:

  • Designed a totally new type of 6-pole Mini-Link connector that would not leak when submerged in transmission fluid for extended periods of time
  • Used epoxy potting compound instead of overmolding material, and utilized Teflon wire instead of the standard 16 or 18 AWG cable to better resist the chemical breakdown from the transmission fluid.
  • Developed a unique design……a pass-thru electrical connector with potted wires at both ends so wires can pass through from the inside of the transmission to the outside.

The Result:

The Remke Engineered Solution solved the leakage problem & provided the manufacturer with an industrial, heavy-duty connection they desired. The customer was so pleased with the results – and - the design & function of the Remke Solution that they continue to purchase a quantity of these connectors on a regular basis today.