Cord Connectors & Cable Grips With Mesh Offer.

You Pick. We Ship. You Save!

Get a Wired 4 Savings Quote

With the WIRED 4 SAVINGS program from Remke Industries, you can get special pricing on the cord connectors and cable grips with mesh that best fit your needs. And IT’S YOUR CHOICE!

But what does ‘it’s your choice’ mean? In the WIRED 4 SAVINGS program literally you choose the cord connectors & cable grips with mesh for Remke to cross reference and we’ll quote you a special price. It’s that simple.

Why should you consider us as a supplier?

  • Remke offers more types of cord connectors & cable grips with mesh than ‘the big guys’
  • Remke can customize any of our standard product for even the smallest of quantities
  • Remke does whatever it takes to keep our customers satisfied

For more information on the Wired 4 Savings program follow this link for complete details including a simple quotation form that emails directly to Remke’s customer service group.

Select from:

  • deluxe style cord connectors with wire mesh for cable ranges from .250 to 3.00” – cord connectors available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nickel plated aluminum, nylon or valox
  • box connectors & bus drop cable grips
  • standard support grips – closed rod & split mesh styles, double or single eye for cable ranges from .50 to 3.99”
  • pulling grips – junior and light-duty for cable ranges from .250 to 4.00”
  • wire mesh accessories
  • custom configurations

Choose Remke for quick delivery. Choose to participate in the WIRED 4 SAVINGS program for special prices on the product that fits your need. Please follow this link to complete and email or fax us the quotation form.

Thank you for this opportunity.