Remke Fall 2017 Photo Contest Winners

We have a winner of the Remke 2017 Fall Photo Contest!

Our Grand Prize Winner for the Fall Photo Contest is Patrick Curran with Messer Cutting Systems in Menomonee Falls WI. His photo and application story won him a $150 Amazon Gift Card and we’re sure that he will enjoy a little shopping spree. Congratulations Patrick!

Here’s what Patrick told us about his application for Remke Connectors…

Messer Cutting Systems uses “basically every bushing size” of the Remke RSR/Aluminum Cord Grips series because they have many different sized cables going into a control cabinet. Messer is a WI-based manufacturer of cutting machines and each machine has multiple control cabinets.

According to Messer’s electrical engineer, Patrick Curran, these cabinets “are located in a recessed area of the machine so they are hidden from sight making the machine look nicer – but this also makes it difficult to get our hands to where the cord grips are. The Remke cord grips are great in this area because they are simple to use – you only have to feed the cable through the cord grip and twist the cord grip tight to seal the area around the cable. That is very easy to do in such a tight space so we use them everywhere possible.”

Remke connector application for control cabinets - photo contest winner 2017

Mr. Curran also told us that “when we are designing what goes into the cabinet we just specify what Remke cord grip goes where. This saves on engineering because we don’t need to specify where to put the holes every time and it saves on manufacturing because the holes are already in the cabinet. We have thousands of machines in the field, each with multiple cabinets using Remke cord grips. All of our cabinets have remained dust tight and have performed very well.”

In addition, he talked about the vendor selection process at Messer. “We always start off selecting who is reputable when it comes to new projects. We then look at the competition to compare features and cost. We have switched many components/vendors over the years for various reasons and Remke is one of the components we have stayed with all these years (we have part numbers we created that pre-date 1998.) I actually appreciate that as an engineer because I don’t have to spend extra time on a design to create all new components.”


The first place winner of the Remke 2017 Fall Photo Contest is Brad Weitzer with Weitzer Sales LTD, a manufacturers rep in Wisconsin.

Brad’s customer, Messer Cutting makes multiple types of cutting machines from water jet to lasers that are shipped to customers all over the world. This photo shows Messer using the Remke RSR-200 series cord grip with different bushings for different cable ranges.

Remke connector application for cutting machines - photo contest winner 2017

According to Brad “Messer was using Hubbell and T&B products but our bushing options really help them a lot. Now all they do is buy a bunch fo the 200 series and put specific orders in for the bushings. This is just an easier way for them to purchase and use the cord grips.” Brad says that Messer likes the simplicity of the cord grip and how well it’s made. “The cord grips allow the communication cables to leave the enclosure in an organized fashion. The cord grips are doing incredibly well – none have broken and Messer said they haven’t stripped any of the threads either - unlike some of the other products they used to buy.”

Next time it could be your turn to be the winner! Stay tuned for the Spring 2018 Remke Photo Contest – and in the meantime take some great photos so you’ll be ready to enter!