Remke Summer 2017 Photo Contest Winners

We have a winner of the Remke 2017 Summer Photo Contest.

Our Grand Prize Winner for the Summer Photo Contest is Sven Swanson of Jensen Fabricating Engineers in Berlin, CT. His application photo & story won a $150 Amazon Gift Card and we’re sure that he will enjoy an Amazon shopping spree. Congratulations Sven!

Here’s what Sven told us about his application for Remke Connectors…

Remke connector application for cleaning system - summer photo contest winner 2017

Jensen Fabricating Engineers manufacture both standard & custom automated spray cleaning, immersion cleaning & ultrasonic cleaning systems for companies in the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, general manufacturing and bearing industry.

In this application, Jensen was manufacturing a wash/dry system to clean precision machined castings and had been using Thomas & Betts liquidtight cord grips. But they had concerns with the cost of the T&B connectors, ability to use multiple hole bushings and the physical size.

Remke connectors for cleaning systems, summer photo contest winner 2017

Jensen replaced the T&B cord grips with the Remke Aluminum Strain Relief Connectors (the RSR series). According to Sven “the main reason for the change was the physical size – the straight and 90 degree Remke connectors are much easier to use and fit into tight spaces.”

Sven also told us that Jensen “found the product to be of exceptional quality and makes a good appearance on our machines.”


Next time it could be your turn to be the winner! Stay tuned for the Fall 2017 Remke Photo Contest – and in the meantime take some great photos so you’ll be ready to enter!