Remke Industries Celebrates 50 Years

It's taken us 50 years to become a premier manufacturer of electrical connectors, cord grips and more, building Remke Industries from the ground up.

During that time, we've had growing pains, worked incredibly hard for many victories, experienced unexpected successes and a dealt with recession that kept us awake at night. We've found new ways to use time-tested materials and methods to create better products, in shorter production runs. A foundation of amazing people has been built and we've learned lessons from every one of them, from customers to employees, past and present. The opportunity to thank our customers for their decades of patronage. The honor of thanking our employees for their hard work & dedication. Celebrating 50 Years. Rather Amazing.

Remke Employees Celebration

We started the Remke 50th Anniversary Celebration with a monthly trivia quiz…and now we have a photo contest in September, October and November for our customers, reps and distributors. But what about our employees?

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50 Year Anniversary Press Release

50 Years of Applied Wisdom Launches Remke to the Next 50 Years. Five things Remke has learned that will make the next 50 years incredible: provide personal service, make quality connectors the first time, stay nimble, deliver quality through simplicity of design and production and treat employees well.

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