Reshoring from the Inside

Reshoring – bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas – is a phenomenon that has continued to strengthen and grow over the past couple of years. In this blog we’ve talked a lot about this trend and given you links to many articles & websites to help us all stay informed on something that is an important component of rebuilding manufacturing in this country.
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Unique Applications Win Remke Photo Contest

CONGRATULATIONS to Tim Miller of Task Force Tips in Valparaiso, IN for being the grand prize winner of our June Photo Contest. We also had two first place winners of the June contest – Charles Wood from Dealers Electrical in Ft. Worth TX and Mike Fleck from GfG Instrumentation in Ann Arbor MI. Each of our winners have been no doubt enjoying their shopping sprees on……and each had unique application stories and great photos. Please check this out!

Tim Miller, Task Force Tips: Remote Control Water Cannon

“The main product you see in the photo is a remote control water cannon that is generally mounted on top of a fire truck. The fireman can move the water nozzle both Left or Right, and Up or Down. At times while fighting a fire, the danger and/or heat may be too much and the fireman is forced to move away from the fire truck. We sell this unit with either a 30 or 100 foot cable which allows the fire fighter to move away from the fire. This picture features a demo unit with a 4 conductor yellow Remke plug but there is also a black Remke cable & connector on the nozzle actuator. We have been buying Remke cables since early 2008. Before that time we had our own custom cable and were installing a 4-pin connector from Lumberg but that was a major hassle.”

Thanks Tim! We’re glad our molded connectors are working well in a product that helps our brave firefighters!

Charles Wood, Dealers Electrical: Welder Strain Relief

“This was a new installation for our customer with SO cord feeding a new welding machine. The electricians like the wire mesh cable grips due to the ease of installation and the versatility they provide in the field. In this case the electrician was protecting the cable feeding the new welder from accidentally being pulled from the disconnect. In the years that we have been stocking Remke products I do not remember any problems with the products we have sold.”

It’s always great to hear that our products do what our customers expect & need! Thanks Charles!

Mike Fleck, GfG Instrumentation: Gas Detection Cord Grip

“The cord grip is installed in the side of the housing so that the wiring can run along the wall or cabinet of the installation. The application was new in 2012. We were using a different cord grip but found that the Remke version was more robust and provided more range of grip for the wiring. Remke cord grips have performed flawlessly. We have not had one problem in the 2+ years of using the product and our end users have zero issues as well.”

Thank you Mike! It’s good to know that our cord grips are working well for you & your customers! 

The Remke Photo Contest will be back in the fall……… take some nice photos and stay tuned! You could be a future winner of a shopping trip on And as always – thank you for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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Comparison: MC Cable Connector Manufacturers

There are so many options for MC Cable Connectors, finding the best MC Fitting, and the right manufacturer, can be a chore. But we’ve made it easier!

Since we’ve been working so hard on this product line over the past few months, and perfecting our own offering of MC Connectors, we thought it may be helpful to show you what we have compared to the competition.

Remke is the ONLY manufacturer that has the unique, one-piece design that makes installation so much simpler!

Here’s the basic rundown of MC Cable Fittings from the top manufacturers.

MC Connector Competitor Matrix

In addition to the basic construction of MC Connectors, there are major differences in the availability of in-stock connectors with all the sizes you need for a perfect fit. Remke has more than anyone!

Download the rest of the MC Connector competitor matrix here and see all the sizes and options available.


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Celebrating Made in the USA!

As we get ready for the 4th of July holiday, we can’t help but get a little patriotic about our country, and the connectors we make right here in Chicago IL, USA.

Many of the electrical connectors you can find from other manufacturers are made somewhere else in the world and shipped here. We all know what that does to our own national economy. Those other connectors are keeping people employed in other parts of the planet.

But Remke makes cable and cord connectors in the USA to keep Americans working!

USA Made Cable Connectors by Remke

We also source as many of our raw materials from the US as possible, ensuring work for our American family in all parts of the supply chain. Whether it’s stainless steel or silicone, aluminum or rubber, every component we use is made as close to home as we can get it.

As we take time with our families this coming weekend, we hope you can do the same. And as you do, look for products made in the USA no matter what you’re purchasing! From picnic supplies to beach essentials, gardening tools to patio furniture, you can support American workers by buying products they make.

Have a wonderful Independence Day!!

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New Whitepaper: The MC Cable Revolution is Gaining Ground

The use of Metal Clad (MC) Cable, over traditional conduit, has slowly increased in the U.S. over the past 10 years. But that’s about to change.

NEC regulation changes in 2002 have made this revolution possible with expanded uses that are still not common standard practice. Applications such as feeders and branch circuits, direct buried and wet locations can all use MC Cable and adhere to NEC standards. The NEC supports the use of MC Cable and Connectors in the following applications:

  • Services, feeders and branch circuits
  • Power, lighting, control and signal circuits
  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Exposed or concealed
  • Direct buried (where identified for such use)
  • Cable trays
  • Raceways
  • Open cable runs
  • Aerial cable on a messenger
  • Some hazardous locations
  • Dry, embedded locations such as plaster or masonry

NEC changes have expanded the use of MC Cable in many industrial applications. The top 5 industries with the most growth in MC Cable include

  • Water & Wastewater treatment, especially for pumps and pump motors
  • Mining
  • Pulp & Paper Processing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochem & Power Generation

Any application with a demand for high-capacity power is also a great candidate for MC Cable because they deliver maximum power, high-reliability and flexible installation. Because of this, MC Cable is also seeing its use increase in plants that generate their own power, such as factories, power substations, automotive and plastics.

Take the first step to using MC Cables & Connectors at your jobsite … Download our whitepaper The MC Cable Revolution is Gaining Ground. We hope you will LIKE & SHARE this blog……and as always – thank you for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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Want to Save Time & Money? Use PowR-Teck Connectors with Jacketed Metal Clad/Teck Cable

Made in the USA, Remke PowR-Teck™ MC Cable Connectors feature an exclusive one-piece design. The other guys give you 4 or 5 pieces to assemble and if you lose one you’re out of luck. But not with Remke! When you choose our PowR-Teck connector you get the PowR-Lock™ one-piece design that’s more compact in size. And no disassembly is required – just push the cable through, tighten the connectors and you’re done. Continue reading

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Let The Sun Shine On Your Winning Photo

Win Two $125 Amazon Gift Cards in June

It’s funny how contests go. During the fall of 2013 we had two or more winners each month in our photo contest. This past March we had two winners. And then in April – nothing. Maybe the weather bummed everybody out because we had no photos submitted. What should we do? How about ……. we double the winnings for June?

Yes, you read that right. After all it’s spring and that means LET THE SUN SHINE! Time for smiles.

The winner of our May/June Photo Contest will win TWO $125 Amazon gift cards. Now that’s something to smile about! Click-thru to the entry page on and submit your application photo of any Remke product along with a brief description of the application. That’s all it takes.

Enter the contest by June 20th and TWO $125 Amazon gift cards could be yours. All Remke customers, distributors and sales reps are encouraged to enter early and oftenJ

So get your digital camera or iPad or phone…….take a few pictures of your application………..add a few words for a description………and enter the contest! Then let the shopping on begin.

And as always………thank you for subscribing to our blog EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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Solar Panel Connectors

With the summer sun fully upon us, make sure your connections are secure, and replace any faulty ones with top-quality Remke solar connectors.

Helio-Link Solar Connectors and Fittings from Remke Energy provide highly reliable, cost effective and time-saving cabling of solar panels for grid-tie systems, open spaces, on rooftops and in building integrated systems.

Our Type 4 solar connector system enables cable assemblies to be pre-assembled & wired in the shop or DIY on-site for quicker installation and maintenance.

solar-connectors-helio-linkField Wireable & Bulkhead Connectors
Fully mateable with MC4 and Amphenol
IP 68 Rated
Field assembly without special tools


solar-connector-assembly-tools-helio-linkAssembly & Installation Tools & Kits
For field installation
Funnel entry on crimp tools for super-easy crimping and extraction


solar-pv-use-cable-helio-linkPV/Use Cable
UV & moisture resistant
Rated to 90-degrees C wet or dry


solar-connectors-custom-assemblies-helio-linkCustom Cable Assemblies
Quick-ship custom assemblies or PV output extension leads
Any length


solar-connectors-junction-box-helio-linkThin-Film Junction Box & Combiner Box
Pre-assembled with cables and connectors
Plug and play design
Fully customizable

Learn more by clicking the links above, and Contact Remke Energy for a Solar Connectors Price Quote

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Checklist for Purchasing Cable Connectors and Cord Grips

Cable connectors, cord grips and wire mesh grips by RemkeThere are so many options for electrical cable grips and connectors!

This handy checklist will help you cover all of the specs and get exactly what you need. 

Product Needs to Consider

  • Metallic or non-metallic connector body material
  • Cable O.D.
  • Knockout size
  • Male or female, straight, 90-degree or 45-degree
  • Connector body size relative to space available
  • Wire mesh strain relief
  • Locknuts and O-rings
  • Threading type
  • Single or multiple hole bushings
  • Environmental elements for point of termination
  • Compliance ratings for NEMA and IP
  • UL, CSA, RoHS certifications
  • Specialized product specs

Supplier Capabilities to Consider

  • Product origin – is is made in the USA?
  • Customer support staff – are they from the factory? are they local?
  • Stock availability – is a product with your specs in stock?
  • Lead times – how fast can you get a standard or custom connector?
  • Quantities – can you break a box? what are the minimums?
  • Returns – can you send it back if it doesn’t work?
  • Specs – can a connector be customized exactly how you need?
  • ISO Certified – is your supplier ISO Certified?
  • Quoting – can you get a quote easily?

These are all important factors that we’ve heard from customers all over the electrical industry.

Does your supplier deliver exactly what you need, on time and within budget?

Remke does.

Visit our website to learn more
Strain Relief Cable Connectors >
Wire Mesh Grips>
Stainless Steel Cable Connectors>
MC Cable Fittings>
Waterproof Connectors>

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Cable Strain Relief for Harsh Environments

A Guide to Industrial-Strength Strain Relief Cable Connectors for Harsh Environments that Require Heavy-Duty Electrical Connections

Manufacturing, food processing, water treatment and other industries gain more up-time with the right cable connector materials and construction. 

(Click graphic to enlarge in a new window)

Cable Strain Relief for Harsh Environments. A guide to industrial-strength cable and connectors for heavy-duty applications and demanding industries

Remke delivers heavy-duty electrical cable and connectors of all types! Shop our online catalog for in-stock strain relief cable connectors or have us create custom electrical connectors to your exact specs.

Call a Remke Expert at 877-438-8833 or Request a Quote online.

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