Custom Electrical Connectors that Don’t Break the Budget

Common misconceptions about custom electrical connectors are that they are much more expensive and take more time to manufacture. 

But that’s simply not true. 

Changing some basic specifications to improve performance often costs just a couple cents more! And by starting with a stock product, making a couple modifications doesn’t take much more time either.

Custom Electrical Connectors Don't Need to Break the Budget

Customize for Environmental Issues

Customization of electrical connectors can make all the difference when you’re working outdoors, with chemicals, harsh elements, extreme temperatures and applications where bending and flexing occur.

A few minor modifications can drastically improve corrosion-resistance and strain relief, reduce particulate, make a connector completely submersible.

Many Levels of Customization

A simple modification to a stock product can include changing out a bushing material, using a different length cable or adding an extra hole to a multiple hole bushing. Learn More >

Adaptations of a stock product can include changes in materials, wiring, threading and plating. You can also change packaging and kitting to get exactly what you need. Learn More >

Design and engineering of a completely custom connector where the sky is the limit! A custom manufactured connector typically involves a proprietary function and usually involves tooling. The Engineer Team at Remke can design and manufacture a custom connector quickly and affordably. Learn More >

Specifications to Modify for Improved Performance

Connector Material can be modified to deal with harsh elements. Nylon, Valox, Silicone and 316 Stainless Steel help seal out the elements for improved performance and reliability over time.

Connector Components and Design can be customized with o-rings that withstand elements, lock-nuts for easier tightening, wire mesh grips for strain relief and multiple-hole bushings to simplify terminations.

Cable Lengths and Materials can be specified to address bending and flexing concerns, and materials modified to beat environmental issues.

Overmold Materials can be changed to provide additional strain relief for severe bending and flexing of connections.

Distribution Boxes are highly configurable to address space restrictions and combat environmental stress.


If you could change one thing about your go-to connectors, what would it be?

Leave a comment here and we’ll make a suggestion or two about small modifications that could lead to big returns!


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Whitepaper: Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors for the Paper and Pulp Industry

Quality Stainless Steel Connectors Deliver Increased Productivity, Improved Safety and Reduced Contamination

Stainless steel electrical connectors are probably not something you give much thought. After all, they’re just small pieces of very large systems. In most industries, they’re commodity components that don’t get much attention. Until they fail.

Corrosion, extreme temperatures, chemical seepage and electrical shorts are just the beginning of potential disaster for the paper & pulp or water & wastewater treatment industries. Production downtime, safety issues and contamination problems result when just one connector goes bad.

Using the right stainless steel connector for the job is critical.

The Right Stainless Steel Connectors Make All the Difference

Starting with the right stainless steel connector makes all the difference. The right ones deliver:

  • Less engineering problems and work-arounds
  • Fewer technical issues
  • Lower lifetime installed costs
  • Less production downtime

View the stainless steel connector options of major manufacturers >

Stainless Steel Connectors for Paper and Pulp Industry

Stainless steel electrical connectors are crucial components in any large system, but especially for the pulp and paper industry.

  • Dry electrical boxes are housed near treatment systems that use chemicals and water and must withstand high humidity.
  • Submersed pumps require special power connectors in typically harsh environments that also use chemical solutions to treat pulp and make paper.

Type 304 Stainless Steel is typically adequate for most environments within a mill, although Type 316 is often preferred for its increased strength and long-term reliability.

The right stainless steel connectors help pulp and paper processors to:

  • Reduce corrosion in electrical systems
  • Operate efficiently in harsh environments
  • Provide safety in high temperatures
  • Protect equipment from liquids and chemicals
  • Reduce contamination from outside elements

To learn much more about how stainless steel benefits the Pulp and Paper Processing Industry, read this informative report by the Nickel Institute (PDF) >

Stainless Steel is the answer. Not only does it resist the damaging effects and lasts longer than other alloys, it is 100% Sustainable during its entire lifecycle.

Stainless Steel does not harm the people producing or handling it. Since it is naturally corrosive resistant because of inclusion of chromium, there are no harmful chemicals used to fabricate components and it does not give off harmful elements during use or recycling.

Stainless Steel does not harm the environment. It has a very minimal impact on water, air and carbon use, plus is recyclable at the end of its effective use.

Stainless Steel is profitable at every stage of its lifecycle. From fabricators who create the components to water treatment plants who experience a very low cost of installation and maintenance, to the people who recycle it at the end of its life, Stainless Steel is a profitable material to work with.

Read the full whitepaper on >


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Ted Talk: Got a Wicked Problem? First, Tell Me How you Make Toast

In this TED Talk, speaker Tom Wujec speaks about Collaborative Visualization, and how many different types of companies are using it to solve some of their biggest challenges.

But it all started with a simple question: “Tell me how you make toast”.

In asking people to draw a diagram of this simple process, he found interesting correlations, and differences, in how they thought of the process, and how it breaks down for individuals.

He finds that the process reveals unexpected truths about how we can solve some of our biggest, most complicated problems.

“We intuitively know how to break down complex things into simple things and bring them back together again”

Collaborative visualization helps people:

  • Get clear in thoughts and goals
  • Get aligned with each other
  • Get engaged with the problem and the solution

Although collaborative visualization works for individuals, it is a better tool for team. It not only allow each individual to contribute their own ideas and perspective, but more importantly provides an easy tool for the team to collaborate, discuss, simplify and streamline the concept. It allows the group to synthesize different points of view and come to a clear answer.

Watch the video to discover a new way to solve your next big problem and visit Tom’s website, for Collaborative Visualization inspiration.

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Happiness at Work? Yes – It Is Possible.

Most of us spend a lot of hours at work every week. And I’m thinking that for most of us the word ‘Happiness’ and work don’t often go hand in hand. A 2013 Gallup study of 180 million people found that just 13% of us consider ourselves to be “happily engaged at work.” But with all the hours we spend at work it seems to me something has got to change.
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2015 Industry Outlook for Cable Assembly

A preliminary report from Bishop & Associates predicts that the soft demand from the end of 2014 will carry over to 2015, with modest growth anticipated.

The full article on has some interesting statistics on actual growth and demand in 2014 and which major factors will play a role in shaping the industry in 2015.

Cable Assembly Outlook 2015

They look at worldwide GDP, influencing industries, energy costs and other indexes and how they affect cable assembly.

In addition, considering general economic concerns and overall growth as they predict the growth of the industry in 2015.

Read the full article: 2015 Cable Assembly Industry Outlook on


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A Welcome Advance in American Manufacturing

Industry Week recently reported on the state of reshoring — the transition of manufacturing from overseas back to the USA. In their article, Industry Week referred to a survey conducted by L.E.K Consulting of decision-makers in 10 U.S. manufacturing industries, at companies with $500 million in revenues or more. Their survey indicated a modest improvement in U.S. manufacturing but not a dramatic wave of reshoring.

Management consultant A.T. Kearney estimated there would be about 300 cases of reshoring in 2014 compared to 16 in 2010. “Even though there is no torrent of renewed manufacturing activity moving the needle just yet, it’s clear that the reshoring movement is growing” Kearney said in a 2014 report titled Solving the Reshoring Dilemma.

The Boston Consulting Group has said that “back in 2010, we projected that it (reshoring) wouldn’t really get started until 2015….because it takes time for a company to consider all of the factors on where to locate a plant. Our estimate is that reshoring will bring around 2.5 million to 5 million jobs to the US over the next five-plus years”.

These reports tend to support five critical themes in manufacturing identified in the Industry Week article:

  • End User Demand is Driving Companies to Produce Closer to their Customer Base
    • Proximity to the customer base allows for greater responsiveness, better market positioning, more accurate demand forecasts and ability to offer end-market customization.
    • Note: Remke Engineered Solutions is all about end-market customization
  • Better Management of Supply Chain Risk
    • Re-locating closer to customers results in shorter lead times, increased flexibility, enhanced efficiency and customer responsiveness
  • Narrowing Differences in Energy and Labor Costs
    • The discovery of shale gas within the borders of the US has positively affected the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing, especially in the chemicals industry. AND companies aren’t saving as much on wages in formerly ‘low-cost’ countries. China’s hourly rate has nearly doubled from 2008 to 2013.
  • Importance of Innovation, Differentiation and Speed to Market
    • As manufacturers seek growth in local markets they find that they must tailor some of their products to the local market and become faster at getting products to market in order to thrive.
    • Note – tailoring products for its customers is something Remke does every day
  • The Importance of Business Environment & Regional Attractiveness
    • The U.S. has stronger laws and institutions relative to developing economies which provides manufacturers with greater intellectual property protection and higher safety standards.

L.E.K. Consulting said that their survey results indicated that “companies won’t close their existing facilities in China….instead these companies will expand into the U.S. with new, expanded and productivity-enhanced facilities in sectors such as aerospace, defense, industrials, oil and gas.” The Welcome Advance to American Manufacturing is that companies will locate close to where growth is coming from — at home in the USA.

Has reshoring had an impact on your region? And if so did this result in sales opportunities for your company? Please SHARE and LIKE this blog………and as always Thank You for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to Cable Strain Relief

Cable Strain Relief Options – Simplified!

It’s easy to figure out which strain relief connector is ideal for any application. Just follow the lines.

Click to enlarge

Ultimate Guide to Cable Strain Relief Remke InfographicView on

Download as a PDF >

Remke delivers electrical cable and connectors of all types! Shop our online catalog for in-stock strain relief cable connectors or have us create custom electrical connectors to your exact specs.

Call a Remke Expert at 877-438-8833 or Request a Quote online.

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New Year’s Resolutions for US Manufacturers

Not long ago I stumbled upon the MANUFACTURING INNOVATION BLOG. In scrolling through their blog my reaction was this was a great resource of information for any manufacturer. But who are these guys? Follow a couple of links and I found that the weekly blog is the work of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) who works with small and mid-sized U.S. manufacturers to help them create & retain jobs, increase profits, save time and money. I read a bit more and discovered that MEP is a joint program between NIST/the National Institute of Standards & Technologies and the U.S. Department of Commerce.
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How to Save the World from Bad Meetings: A TED Talk

It’s happened to all of us. Sitting through a never-ending meeting, listening to everyone talk, wondering why you’re there in the first place.

In this TED Talk from David Grady, he outlines some great ideas on how to make your meetings more effective, whether you’re the organizer or attendee. Better meeting benefit everyone!

An epidemic of bad, inefficient, overcrowded meetings is plaguing the world’s businesses — and making workers miserable. David Grady has some ideas on how to stop it.

How to Save the World (or at Least Yourself) from Bad Meetings
a TED Talk by David Grady

If you enjoyed what he had to say, visit for thousands more inspirational, educational and interesting talks about everything from biology to business.

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Case Study: Sensor Connectors for Forging Equipment

Solving customers’ connectivity problems is our specialty at Remke! Take for instance, Jernberg Industries of Chicago IL.

They manufacture highly-engineered, heat-treated, forged parts for the automotive industry and they have a big problem. The sensor connectors on the press transfer systems were failing, and causing everything to stop. Water and graphite were getting into the connections and shorting out sensors.

As they looked for a solution, they ran into one roadblock after another. Prices from Molex and others were incredibly expensive, and couldn’t deliver the flawless results they needed. Plus, cable length was an issue, with only one option available for a fit across the press arm.

And then they found Remke Sensor Connectors. 

Working closely with the Remke Engineered Solutions Team, Jernberg was able to fully solve every issue they faced.

M12 sensor connector with distribution boxThe result is 85-90% reduction in downtime! In fact, Mike Essary, the Jernberg Maintenance Manager reports “zero issues with the Remke product”.

Remke’s custom sensor connectors were the long-term, cost-effective fix that Jernberg desperately needed.

Read the full case study: Sensor Connectors for Forging Equipment >

Browse all of the Remke Case Studies to see how we’ve helped companies like yours.


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