Alibaba Could Become a Bigger Threat to Distribution than AmazonSupply

If you’ve never heard of Alibaba, it won’t last for long. From the looks of it, Alibaba will be a household name soon, possibly more common than Amazon.

So who are they and what do they want from the electrical industry?

Alibaba and the threat they pose to the US Distribution chainAlibaba is a Chinese based distributor that some describe as a cross between Amazon and EBay. They describe themselves as the “largest online and mobile commerce company in the world”.

Wall Street and the electrical industry are keeping a close eye on Alibaba because of their capacity to sell B2B. This gives them an additional way to continue growing and increasing profits. Whether or not they will have a strong presence in the electrical industry remains unclear, but with their sheer size, it is expected that they will have an impact.

This article from tED Magazine outlines the company and why we should keep an eye on them. Click to read the full article “Alibaba Could Become a Bigger Threat to Distribution than AmazonSupply”, published Sept 7, 2014.

The article cites the sheer size of Alibaba as the biggest threat. Their IPO is expected to be the biggest ever and estimate the value of the company at $167 Billion (compared to Amazon’s $160 Billion Value). They are expected to raise $25.3 Billion in the upcoming IPO to help them expand even further in the US.

Looking at their current financials, the threat is real. In the quarter ending June 30, revenue increased 46% from last year, while earnings increased 60% to nearly $1.2 Billion.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Alibaba, along with many other manufacturers and distributors. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

UPDATE: Alibaba stock premiered on Wall Street today, Sept 19, for a whopping $92.70 per share,  well exceeding the $68 expectation. It quickly grew to a high of $99.70 in active trading. Read more on

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5 Things to Know About Molded Connector Construction

1] Extreme Environments Demand Tough Materials

5 Things to Know about Molded Connector Construction by Remke IndustriesCorrosion, abrasives, liquids, heat, cold and stress from constant motion are all factors to consider when choosing a molded connector. No matter how demanding your application can be, the right materials for construction will make all the difference. And don’t forget about NEMA and IP Ratings! They should be one of the specifications for your connector.

Standard materials include TPE, PUR, PVC and Nylon. Higher-rated materials include Polyurethane, Polyester Resin and Silicone.

If you need a waterproof molded connector, look for one that has an O-Ring with locknuts to create the tightest seal possible.

2] Contact Materials Seal the Deal

While the overmold to the connector protects it from the surrounding environment, the right contact materials keep power flowing properly through the connection.

Standard options for molded connector contacts include brass, copper and nickel, which are best for controlled environments and general industrial applications.

If you have environmental concerns, consider gold-plating or copper alloys to deliver increased conductivity in low voltage and corrosive applications.

3] Strain Relief is Important for Long-Term Reliability

When molded connectors take abuse from bending and flexing with a piece of equipment, extra strain relief should be used. A cord grip or wire mesh grip will provide pull-out protection, even in vertical runs or in environments where extreme flexing and movement occur.

4] Little Extras Go a Long Way

Extra options for molded connectors will help you get the long-term performance you need, and reduce maintenance along the way. Here are 3 of the options that at the top of the list.

  • ‘Ribs’ molded into the exterior housing increase grip-surface and reduce slip-offs or the need for special disconnection tools.
  • When the entire connector is molded to the cable, it is extra durable in any environment.
  • LED Lights make it easy to see if the connection is live or not.

5] Distribution Boxes Make Installation and Maintenance Simple

Using distribution boxes simplifies installation and maintenance in environments where multiple connections are needed to control power, conserve space or change components in seconds. Simply terminate multiple connections into one box, and wire the box to the power supply.

Contact Remke Industries to find the perfect molded connector for your application. Our experts are ready to answer your questions. 877-438-8833

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American Worker Productivity in 2014

We salute American Workers on this Labor Day Weekend!

As a company based in the USA, manufacturing electrical connectors in the USA and serving other companies here, the people of Remke take so much pride in our home, our workers and our overall contribution to this great country.

With the economic turmoil of the past 10 years, it’s even more important to salute the productivity of the American Worker.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Manufacturing sector productivity increased 3.6% in the second quarter of 2014 as output increased 7% and hours worked increased 3.2%. Productivity increased 2.9% in the durable good sector and 5.9% in nondurable goods.”

“Over the past four quarters, manufacturing productivity increased 2.1%, as output increased 3.7% and hours increased 1.5%.”

Read the full Economic News Release: Productivity and Costs, Second Quarter 2014 on the BLS website>

Since 1987, American Worker Productivity has seen much change, but has been steadily increasing according to these productivity charts by The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Mfg Productivity 1987-2013



WE SALUTE the work ethic, productivity and genuine caring of the Remke team! 50 Years of providing quality electrical connectors will bring very bright things to our future!


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Quick Guide: MC Cable Connectors

News Flash……MC Cable Installation Continues to Improve with Advances in Materials and Fittings……

Now you would not have heard this story reported by the mainstream media or on cable news networks. BUT – the use of Metal Clad Cable over traditional conduit is growing as contractors in every industry are discovering how much faster and more cost effective they can get jobs done using MC cable and fittings.
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Top 10 Management Practices of Effective Leaders

Being good at your job doesn’t guarantee that you will be a good leader or manager. Effective management is an art – but fortunately for most of us it’s an art that can be learned if all of us will follow some basic principles. Different management styles will suit different situations however there are some universals………
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Heavy-Duty, Waterproof Electrical Connectors

As the heat of summer in at its peak, it’s a great time to examine your submerged electrical connectors, or any connection that is exposed to water, high humidity or other elements that cause corrosion.

It’s the time of year when the weak links make their presence known. Don’t let your electrical connectors be the weakest link!

If you’re having problems with a liquid-tight fitting, and replacing or servicing them regularly, take a look at the materials and construction. There is likely a component of that connection that is failing. By selecting the right components, you’ll ensure long-lasting connectivity and reliability.

Waterproof electrical connectors for industrial applications such as water treatment plants

Waterproof Electrical Connector Materials

304 Stainless Steel – tough and corrosion resistant, 304 SS is ideal for high-moisture applications and is the standard for waterproof electrical connections.

316 Stainless – heavy-duty corrosion resistance, 316 SS is made for superior protection from chemicals and acids, as well as moisture and a variety of abrasives.

Nickel-plated aluminum – the appearance of polished stainless steel without the cost. It protects against corrosion, wear, friction and contamination under severe conditions.

Nylon – lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant, Nylon connectors are ideal for damp environments.

Valox – suitable for FDA regulations, Valox provides superior corrosion resistance in applications that require washdowns.

If you deal with water and electricity, chances are you have other environmental concerns as well. Check out this infographic: Cable Strain Relief in Harsh Environments >

Remke’s Waterproof Connectors Product Line Overview

Liqua-Seal Connectors

  • Chromium zinc plating on the body, ferrule, locknut and clamp nut to prevent corrosion under the most adverse of conditions
  • Ideally suited for applications such as food processing plants, chemical processing facilities, offshore rigs, pulp and paper factories, automation equipment, heavy-duty electrical motor housings and medical equipment.
  • Watertight and oil tight
  • Provides strain relief and reduces stress on components and termination points.
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified and RoHS Compliant
  • Learn More about Liqua-Seal Connectors

SS Liquidtight

  • Corrosion resistance AND the strength of stainless steel for the highest levels of endurance
  • Connect liquidtight conduit into a knockout or threaded NPT opening
  • Seal electrical connections against dust, dirt, oil, water, chemicals and other corrosive elements
  • Nylon insulated throat
  • Rated IP 68 and NEMA 4x
  • UL Listed and CSA Certified.
  • Suited for OEM and MRO applications known for their corrosive and abusive environments including: Food & Beverage Processing, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper Mills, Wasterwater Treatment, Heavy-duty electrical motors, generators and transformers, Offshore Oil Rigs & Platforms, Chemical Processing, Portable equipment, Machine Tool Building
  • Learn More about LiquidTight Stainless Steel Connectors

Tuff-Seal Cord Grips

  • Designed to withstand the extremes of water, caustic materials, detergents or surfactants
  • Available in metallic and non-metallic materials, including 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, Nickel-Plated Aluminum, Nylon and Valox
  • Meet or exceed IP 67 or IP 68 standards
  • Variety of thread styles
  • Learn More about Tuff-Seal Cord Grips

 Custom-Designed Waterproof Connectors



Whitepaper: Stainless Steel Connectors for Water & Wastewater Treatment 

Electrical Connectors Material Guide for Harsh Environments

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5 Ways to Save Space on Control Panels

There is only so much space on a control panel, and you need to make each centimeter count. Here are some ideas on how to maximize the space and get the most from your electrical connectors and panels.

5 Ways to Save Space on Control Panels

Use Square-Shaped Knock-outs and Connectors
Traditional circle-shaped, knock-out and electrical connectors should be replaced with square-shaped ones if space is a concern. They fit together tighter and utilize the space that would otherwise occur between the circles. Square-shaped connectors allow you to place more connections in a single panel.

multiple hole bushingsUse Multiple-Hole Bushings
Terminate several loose cables into cord grips with one simple fitting – a multiple-hole bushing. Instead of connecting each cable separately, combine them into one and not only save space, but equipment and labor costs as well! Learn more in this infographic on Multiple-Hole Bushings >

Eliminate Old Components
Older cables, connectors and other components tend to be larger and take up more space. Advances in technology have helped create smaller components that take up less space. Whether it’s the electrical connector, cables or the panel itself, replacing them with modern, slimmer designs can help you make the most of your space.

Utilize the Enclosure’s Corner Space
One of the most under-utilized spaces in an enclosure is the corners. In traditional control panels, it is unused completely. However, new advances in design have brought about methods of using it to the fullest. Using a corner wiring duct can save up to 12% of space on the sub-panels and decrease the overall enclosure footprint by up to 18%. A whitepaper from Panduit Corp. called “Space Optimization for Control Panels” has some great information on how to make it happen.

Bus system connectorsUtilize Bus Systems
Control groups of connections at the same time, from the same panel, instead of creating separate enclosures for each one.

A Bus System Connector is also ideal for harsh environments where corrosion and other tough elements exist. Remke’s Bus System Connectors are Rated for IP68 conditions.

For any control panel, it is essential to also get the right cooling systems in place to prevent overheating.

Remke has many options for molded connectors, cord grips, bus system connectors and all types of industrial electrical connectors to help you get the most from your control panels.

Most components are in-stock and ready to ship, or we can create connectors to your exact specs.

Call one of our experts at 877-438-8833 or visit for more information.

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Reshoring from the Inside

Reshoring – bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas – is a phenomenon that has continued to strengthen and grow over the past couple of years. In this blog we’ve talked a lot about this trend and given you links to many articles & websites to help us all stay informed on something that is an important component of rebuilding manufacturing in this country.
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Unique Applications Win Remke Photo Contest

CONGRATULATIONS to Tim Miller of Task Force Tips in Valparaiso, IN for being the grand prize winner of our June Photo Contest. We also had two first place winners of the June contest – Charles Wood from Dealers Electrical in Ft. Worth TX and Mike Fleck from GfG Instrumentation in Ann Arbor MI. Each of our winners have been no doubt enjoying their shopping sprees on……and each had unique application stories and great photos. Please check this out!

Tim Miller, Task Force Tips: Remote Control Water Cannon

“The main product you see in the photo is a remote control water cannon that is generally mounted on top of a fire truck. The fireman can move the water nozzle both Left or Right, and Up or Down. At times while fighting a fire, the danger and/or heat may be too much and the fireman is forced to move away from the fire truck. We sell this unit with either a 30 or 100 foot cable which allows the fire fighter to move away from the fire. This picture features a demo unit with a 4 conductor yellow Remke plug but there is also a black Remke cable & connector on the nozzle actuator. We have been buying Remke cables since early 2008. Before that time we had our own custom cable and were installing a 4-pin connector from Lumberg but that was a major hassle.”

Thanks Tim! We’re glad our molded connectors are working well in a product that helps our brave firefighters!

Charles Wood, Dealers Electrical: Welder Strain Relief

“This was a new installation for our customer with SO cord feeding a new welding machine. The electricians like the wire mesh cable grips due to the ease of installation and the versatility they provide in the field. In this case the electrician was protecting the cable feeding the new welder from accidentally being pulled from the disconnect. In the years that we have been stocking Remke products I do not remember any problems with the products we have sold.”

It’s always great to hear that our products do what our customers expect & need! Thanks Charles!

Mike Fleck, GfG Instrumentation: Gas Detection Cord Grip

“The cord grip is installed in the side of the housing so that the wiring can run along the wall or cabinet of the installation. The application was new in 2012. We were using a different cord grip but found that the Remke version was more robust and provided more range of grip for the wiring. Remke cord grips have performed flawlessly. We have not had one problem in the 2+ years of using the product and our end users have zero issues as well.”

Thank you Mike! It’s good to know that our cord grips are working well for you & your customers! 

The Remke Photo Contest will be back in the fall……… take some nice photos and stay tuned! You could be a future winner of a shopping trip on And as always – thank you for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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Comparison: MC Cable Connector Manufacturers

There are so many options for MC Cable Connectors, finding the best MC Fitting, and the right manufacturer, can be a chore. But we’ve made it easier!

Since we’ve been working so hard on this product line over the past few months, and perfecting our own offering of MC Connectors, we thought it may be helpful to show you what we have compared to the competition.

Remke is the ONLY manufacturer that has the unique, one-piece design that makes installation so much simpler!

Here’s the basic rundown of MC Cable Fittings from the top manufacturers.

MC Connector Competitor Matrix

In addition to the basic construction of MC Connectors, there are major differences in the availability of in-stock connectors with all the sizes you need for a perfect fit. Remke has more than anyone!

Download the rest of the MC Connector competitor matrix here and see all the sizes and options available.


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